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Naomi Jones keeps us in the loop with another luscious release.

by on January 17, 2013

I love authors. There I put it out there…Hi my name is Kassanna and I am a bibliophile. That’s the reader in me coming out strong. There are so many great writers out there and every once  and a while I get the opportunity to chat with them. Not as a colleague but as a fan girl. I of course can go on and on about the community of authors and the wonderful books I’ve been exposed to. I’ll rein myself in and just say this… readers and writer’s alike are pretty damn spectacular!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, let me show what Naomi Jones sent us here at Luscious. She knows me well since I have a new pretty to show you. Its her New release, Accidental Lovers, from Beautiful Trouble Publishing. Check out the Blurb and Excerpt below!


 Dr. Ailey Dixon has every woman’s trifecta: the career of her dreams, the man of her dreams and a house in the neighborhood of her dreams.  She thought she had her entire life together.  That is, until the moment her fiancé, Dr. Devon Wallace utters four words that spell doom: “We need to talk.” Not only is Devon ending their engagement, he is leaving her to marry someone else.

Now her house feels too big and work becomes a living hell since she has to work with both her ex-fiancé Devon and his new wife.  Invited to the wedding, Ailey decides to attend in an attempt to find closure and to show everyone that this won’t break her
Brent Harris was struggling with his own questions. Why would his fiancée leave him when he gave her everything including medical school tuition, access to his estate, his private chef and his personal driver?  Watching her walk out was hard; not beating the shit out of the man she was walking to was the hardest thing Brent had to endure.  That is, until he receives an invitation to their wedding.

Brent decides to attend the wedding as the proverbial nail in the relationship coffin.
Rather than stay in the church, both Brent and Ailey leave and decide to spend the weekend together.  Along the way they discover several truths about their exes and themselves.  And to their surprise—they also discover a deep love for each other.

Ailey made it down the steps just as a black stretch limo pulled up.  Ailey could feel her heart pounding in her ears and tears sliding down her face.  Not wanting to see the bride, she raced around the corner.  Megan was a beautiful woman so Ailey had no doubt she’d be a beautiful bride.  But Ailey didn’t need proof of how beautiful Megan would be.  She didn’t want to witness her joy, didn’t want to see her dress, and most of all, didn’t want to see Megan become Devon’s wife. 

            As hard as she tried, Ailey couldn’t stop crying.  Come on, girl.  Pull yourself together.  You can get through this. 

Out of nowhere, a hand holding a tissue appeared in front of her face.  Mouthing a “thank you,” Ailey took it and wiped her eyes.  Before she could say or do anything else, she found herself pulled into strong arms.  Normally, she didn’t allow strangers to hold her but it’d been so long since she’d been held and right now, she needed it. 

Finally cried out, at least for the moment, she pulled back and looked into those ocean-blue eyes of the man who’d followed her out of the church.

 “Thank you again.”

“You’re welcome.  Will you be okay?”

“I honestly don’t know.  But I’m not sticking around here,” Ailey said.  She only took a few steps before she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“You want some company?” 

She was going to turn him down.  The last thing Ailey wanted was for someone to join her misery, but she didn’t want to be alone.

“I was just going to the diner up the street but company would be nice right about now.  By the way, I’m Ailey Dixon, jilted ex-girlfriend,” she confessed and held out her hand.

“I’m Brent Harris, jilted ex-boyfriend, but I do believe I might just be over it,” he said as he raised her delicate hand to his lips.



Brent could’ve let go of Ailey’s hand, but he didn’t want to.  They were silent as they walked, each busy with their own thoughts.  Brent could imagine what Ailey was thinking especially as he’d been feeling the same pain until a few minutes ago.  Though the pain and anger were still there, so was something else—hope. 

After arriving at the diner, Brent tucked Ailey in the booth before taking his own seat.  He wanted to sit beside her but he resisted that particular temptation.  Barely.  Brent didn’t understand why his body was reacting the way it was when just this morning he was still nursing a broken heart. “Are you okay?”  Ailey smiled at him, making it hard for him to concentrate on something other than all of the things he could do with her mouth.

“I’m slowly getting myself together,” he said not simply because it sounded like what she wanted to hear but because it was the truth.  “You?”  he asked.

“I’m fine.”

Brent didn’t think she was fine at all but before he could argue the point, the waitress arrived with menus. 

“I’m really not that hungry,” she confessed.

Neither was he…at least not for anything on the menu.   All he wanted to do was climb over the table and overwhelm himself with Ailey’s sweetness.  His cock was throbbing in his pants and he was fighting hard to control it, so hard that he was almost afraid to look at Ailey.  He was equally afraid not to look at her.  Pull yourself together, Brent.  You never acted this way with Megan.  What the hell? 

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