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New Year, Same Old Me

by on January 13, 2013

A Champagne Cheers!Okay, first off, I want to congratulate everyone for surviving 12/21/12. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. For a while, I was starting to fear the worst. Everyone around me had gotten sick…multiple times. At my job we were calling it The Zombie and the crud was nothing to mess around with. I’d gotten it, felt like crab shit and then feared that come 12/21, I’d be a walking corpse at the end of it all. Luckily, that day passed without a blimp on news stations of meteorites, aliens, or zombie sightings. Whew, well, then I was tossed into the Christmas madness of dog grooming. I’m not so sure the trade-off was any better. After the pandemonium subsided, New Years was impending and I was left wondering what would be new for me in 2013?

Well. Nothing.


I’m sorry to say, that I stopped giving myself resolutions in high school because I never followed them. In fact, I seem to accomplish more if I don’t make goals for myself. My self-motivation is more spur of the moment. Planning only makes me stress that I have a time frame.  Even if I don’t had a set date, I don’t like to stress over it. Everyone knows stress it bad. It gives you wrinkles. Ha. So, no goals, I don’t want that kind of pressure on myself. It won’t be pretty when the clock is ticking and I’m nowhere near my finish line.

So instead, I’m going to focus on new beginnings, new things I’m doing in 2013. For one, my very first male/male romance was released a few short days ago, that’s a first. I’m proud that I was able to find it a home with Evernight Publishing, a new publisher for me, also a first. See, I’ve already got two new things on my New Year plate and it’s only January. The year to come will hopefully be a year I can smile about. So far, so good. I just hope it stays that way, no impending zombie apocalypses needed.


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  1. I’m the same way… I don’t set resolutions. If I’m going to change I’m going to change I don’t need a calendar to tell me it’s time

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