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WT Prater sits down and gives us a Luscious Interview!

by on January 8, 2013

You come across a lot of people in this industry. Other authors, cover artists, editors, publishers and so many more that fall under those lines. I’m no social butterfly but I love to meet people in the same field as I. I was lucky to have met a great writer in one of the groups I’m in. WT Prater is an author with a few books out  at the moment. Now I have yet to read any of them but he gave us a blurb and excerpt to his debut novel, The Chosen Family Chronicles: The Six Sides of Love. WT was kind enough to sit down with me and chat. I gotta say I really like this guy anyway check out the interview below.

1. Give us a brief introduction:  Who are you and what do you do? Hi. My name is Wt Prater, and I am a relatively new author, as I have only started working on getting myself published in the last year. Thus far I have one short story published, two more sold, and I am working on three novels which will all be finished (and hopefully published) within 2013, along with five shorts I’m working on for various special calls.

2. How do you react to a bad review of one of your books? It may sounded weird, but I love a bad review, if the reader helps me understand why they didn’t like it. Hearing raves helps the ego, but hearing critiques helps the skill grow.

3. Are the names of the characters in your novels important? Sometimes. Enver Mann (from my  short Exercising His Options) is meant to represent Everyman, so, yeah. But there are characters that I don’t spend days agonizing over their name.

4. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a writer? The biggest challenge for me is believing my stuff is worth reading. The second challenge is being disciplined in my writing. I’m still working on both of these.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight? This is a tricky question because there are a lot of different types of love.  While I believe anything is possible, I also believe that love is something that grows over time.  And true love cannot be encompassed in a glance.  It must be worked toward. And for most people, it can only be fully achieved through many trials and tribulations.

6. Which story of yours would you like to see brought to film? I would love to see The Six Sides of Love, or any of The Chosen Family Chronicles, brought to life. And if the cast is anything like what I have in my mind it would be a beautiful bunch.

7. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions and what are they? For the past several years I have done the whole make resolutions so I can break them thing.  This year I just have one: Write more.

8. What is the one thing you do after finishing a story? I’m still creating rituals for myself and my writing. I don’t want to obligate myself to any one thing. LOL

9. What motivates you to write? I was told, if you don’t see what you want to read, write it. So I am. I wanted to read more stories with dominant GLBT characters, so that’s what I write and encourage others to write.

10. What are the most important elements of good writing, in your opinion? Fast pace, deep characters we love and hate, and relatable scenarios. At least, that’s the way I try to write.

A little something about WT ~

Wt Prater currently resides in Nashville,TN with life partner, and their bdsm cat. The works of Wt Prater vary from poetry and prose, to play scripts, and more recently, short stories and novels.

Believing in the importance of supporting the GLBT community, Wt Prater strives to include a GLBT character as lead or support in EVERY SINGLE WORK that is produced. Although paranormal is a favored genre, there are plans for works in almost every genre including: mysytery, sci-fi, erotic, and of course, updating this blog every day (Hey, one can dream, right?).

Love.Above all things.

Find out more about the author, the stories, and every else else at

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Blurb from Wt Prater’s Debut Novel:

“ Dean and Zachary wanted their chosen family together for the holidays. They never realized how challenging it would be. Book One in The Chosen Family Chronicles: The Six Sides of Love. Featuring six short stories about the many-faceted power of love. As this family deals with everything from cheating spouses to breast cancer, they all learn one of the hardest truths of love: Not every treasure is worth digging for, and sometimes the most valuable one is right in plain sight.”


“Ho! Ho! HO! Merry Christmas!” Santos called, threw open the door and made his way toward the table. “Howdy ho, motherfuckas!”  He hollered as he nearly tripped on the couch which had been in the same exactly place for over a year. “Who moved the fucking couch?” He asked, as he kicked it.

“I’m so sorry!” A british voice called out, and there in the doorway stood a beautiful mocha skinned woman with a slender body that was rocking a black dress that was tight in all the right places. “I’m ‘fraid I’m to blame for this. I didn’t realize he couldn’t hold his liquor. Santos, honey.” She tried to call out to him, but he was lost in a conversation with Jonathan that even Jonathan appeared confused by.

“So, then he called me an asshole and walked away. Can you believe that?” Santos asked, picking up a piece of Jonathan’s turkey and eating it with his mouth open. Jon looked toward me, and I looked at the girl.

“Sorry, again. My name is Yasmine. I volunteer with Santos at the homeless shelter. He mentioned that he wanted to come here for a moment before dealing with his family. I had a flask of cinnamon whiskey in my car, and I figured since i was driving, and I know what it’s like dealing with family, why not? I didn’t know he was gonna down all of it. Or I wouldn’t of. . .” She said as she made her way over to Santos. “Baby, we’ve got to go.”

Santos looked at her. “Isn’t she gorgeous? I mean, even though I’m gay, I’d fuck her. You know that?” He asked, looking right at her. “Right? You know I’d do things to you that you’ve never heard of.”

“Ok, Santos.” Bradley said. “ I know you’re drunk, but there are still boundaries.” He said as he started to get up. I patted his shoulder and let him know I would take care of it, and nodded to Ian, who stood.

“Santos, honey, we’re gonna get you in bed. So you can sleep some of this off before you deal with your family.” But he was already starting to fall asleep in the chair. Ian and I worked together to get him into the guest room, while Yasmine stood in the doorway.

“Do you want me to wait around?” She asked.

“No, honey, you’re good. We’ll get him where he’s going.” I heard Ian tell her while I was getting a cool cloth, some aspirin, and a glass of water. By the time I got back in the room, Ian had Santos half undressed, and was working on getting him comfortably into the bed.

Now I’m not a expert in people of relationships, but there was something going on with the way that Ian was treating Santos. It was too gentle, too loving. I know, that sounds strange, but it was obvious to me that there was something more than friendship but rather than assuming . . .

“So, how are things with you and Jonathan?”

“Good. Really good, I think.”

“How long have you guys been together?”

“Over two years. We just to Hawaii to celebrate. You know that. You watched the house for us, remember?”

“ And you guys have a closed relationship, right?”

“We’ve talked about opening it, but he’s not comfortable with that, so yeah.”

“But what about you? Are you okay with that?”

“I don’t have a choice. If I want to be with him, then . . .”

“But that’s got piss you off a little, doesn’t it?”

“What’s your point, Dean? Why are you pushing this? You’ve never been interested in our relationship before. So why now?” At this point, he notices that I’m noticing him rubbing Santos’ chest.

“Oh.” And he doesn’t say anything else as he stops, gets up and heads for the door.

He stops at the door way and turns back to me. “Are you gonna say anything to anyone about me and Santos?” I shake my head, but I can see Zach standing behind him with a shocked look on his face.

“What about you and Santos, Ian? Are you guys . . .”And he left the sentence incomplete.

Ian hung his head in shame, as he turned and walked past Zachary without answering.

“Are you fricking kidding me?” He asks, as he enters the room with me and Santos and shuts the door. I can tell by his face the question is rhetorical and chose not to open my mouth.

“This was a world class bad idea. My first and only attempt to get all my chosen family in the same place at the same time. I love you all, but oh my god. If my dad says one more word about my weight, I’m gonna – – – I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but it’s gonna be bad. And I will not be held responsible for.” I sit listening and not talking because I’m a little scared he’s gonna blow. And I would like it not be on me. He looks at me, and asks, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

I think for a moment and decide short phrases are my best option. I mean, how many ways can someone misinterpret three words. So I simply say, “I love you.”


“But nothing.”

“You don’t say I love you, unless there is a follow up.”

“No follow up.”

“So what I’m saying isn’t worth commenting on?”

“ Of course it is.”

“Were you even listening to me?”

“Of course I was?”

“You were or you are?”


“You were listening to me or you are listening to me?”



“And what?”

“This is why I hate talking to you. Every time I need feedback, you shut down. You’re impossible to talk to.”

“I’m not sure what to say.”

“So you weren’t listening to me, then. I knew it. I give up.” And with that, he stormed out the door and slammed it shut. And then the door opened a bit he said, “Oh, and since you can’t bother to listen to me, don’t bother to come to bed tonight. You can sleep on the couch.” Slam again.


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  1. Great interview. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀

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