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New Years Resolution: Slaying Dragons… figuratively

by on January 5, 2013

I’m a very goal oriented person, so my inner list maker is filled with glee when a new year comes around. She perks up, rubs her grubby little hands together, and fires of a barrage of new things to accomplish. Some I dismiss, some I write down, and some I save for a later date. Regardless they all roll around in my head, inspiring, frustrating, and pushing me down a path to a new destination from the year prior. I’ve made many this year. Last year I had more stress then I wanted and I took my eyes off the prize a bit. I got bumped off track, and let things slow me down that now in hind sight I would’ve avoided. I had a hard time picking which resolution to write about, and then it hit me.
This year I vow to slay my own dragons and fight my demon’s head on. If you’re picturing me with a sword in my hand and a shield you’re on the right track. I was my own enemy a bit last year, didn’t reach as high as I should because of fear and self doubt. I held back. This year I won’t. I said I wanted to make 2013 an adventure.

I’ve all ready started. January 18th I’ll be releasing my first ménage, Vixen Claimed. The very first in my Vintage Vixens series for Romance on the Go with Evernight. I always knew I wanted to write a threesome for some time but it’s a bit daunting. Will you know how to write what’s where and who’s doing what while still keeping it sizzling? Can you convey the emotions necessary to see it’s more than a down and dirty sandwich of sexual explosion. I can now say yes. This series will follow the lives of four women who aren’t your average gals. They’re brassy, bold, tatted and dare I say bad ass.
I explore one of my fav past times and loves. Pin-ups and vintage clothes. I’ve got dresses stashed in my closet from the 50’s to the 70’s. There’s just something do feminine about that time that draws me. Though I like to put a lil twist in it to give it an edge, always been one to march to the beat of my own drummer, just ask my Mum. I’m exciting to really be sharing a piece of myself on paper. Expect more of that in the next few releases.
For the first time anywhere he’s a sneaky peak.
Vixen Claimed
“You know, Tristan,” she placed her hand on his knee, “if you’re not really attracted to me, it’s okay. I know how Jace can be once he gets something in his head.”
“No I am—very attracted.”
He pinned her with blue eyes darkened with lust. The stark need made her gasp and her fingers dug a little deeper into the flesh of his knee. “I didn’t want to be a third wheel in what you two have going on. That’s happened enough.” His eyes lowered. Devlin held his chin until he glanced up to return her gaze. “That’s over now, Tristan. From the moment I set eyes on you, something sparked. It was a feeling I’d only experienced once before and it scared me. Still does
“Yes,” she said, her voice strained and low.
“Look at how wet she is for us, Trist.”
She opened her eyes to see her blond lover peer down. His nostrils flared as Jace moved back and spread her legs as wide as her underwear allowed.
Yeap I’m leaving it there, it’s called a teaser for a reason :Winks:

When Devlin’s car breaks down on a stretch of empty highway, with the sun going down, the last thing she feels is lucky. A moonlight stroll to what looks like an abandoned garage brings her face to face with the first man who broke her heart and shattered her belief in love.

Jace has spent the past six years furious at Devlin for a rejection she never truly delivered. The truth sets them both straight and allows a chance to begin anew. But this time around Jace has a very special request, that they include his best friend.

Plagued by sexual impotency after being in a wheel chair after a career ending car accident Tristan has grown bitter and disinterested in the opposite sex. The sexy vixen who steps in to the shop unexpectedly changes all of that. Problem is she’s his best friend’s ex.


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  1. cherryce permalink

    sounds like a good rea

  2. Great start and u r such a tease(lol)

  3. U R SUCH A TEASE(lol)

    • Shyla Colt permalink

      *giggles. I know, but i keep ya interested.

  4. Sounds interesting. We all have dragons to slay. I’m sure you’ll do great this year. Good luck in your endeavors!

  5. I love the blurb and that is one intriguing teaser. 😉

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