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Being loyal is never easy, but always rewarding

by on December 30, 2012

Visiting the LL’s today is Rebel Elite author Michel Prince


We all know that sometimes it’s hard sticking by your team.  Whether it was the Boston Red Sox, Washington Wizards or Detroit Lions there are those perennial losers that we loyalist root for because as the saying goes “any given Sunday”.

I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan…Some years I’ve gotten lucky and got to attend over half of the home games.  Yes before the 2009 NFC playoff game I cried as the Vikings ran on to the field.  Sadly I also cried when they ran off.  We’re the team that picks up every quarterback for the last season or in some cases half a season before they are put out to pasture.  It’s what we do.  Heck right now our backup should have retired a few years ago. Thank God he’s a back up so he doesn’t get hurt.

Today we’re playing the evil men from Green Bay…the most hated team in our conference…and our leader for the past few years All-Day Adrian Peterson has to run for over 208 yards to break an almost 30 year old record.  That’s a lot, it should have been less but the Texans were able to shut him down last week.  But I got to see AP run for 210 yards against the Green Bay Packers on their own field. With the home team cheering him on this weekend and a playoff bid resting on us winning this game…well Any Given Sunday.  We weren’t supposed to win against the Bears two weeks ago and we had no chance against the Texans last week.

So let them underestimate the underdog Vikings because this year has been the year of the underdog. Just look at the small indie publishing companies able to help authors who have loyal readers that have gotten books like 50 Shades of Grey to the best seller list.  Everyone under estimates those small publishers and that’s fine with me.  Like AP I’ll scratch for every sale, because before you know it I’ll be at the top and looking to break my own records.  I’m loyal and my readers have proven to me they are too and I appreciate everyone of them and will deliver the highest quality of books to bring them characters as entertaining as the Vikings going to the Super Bowl would be for me.  Skol Vikings.

Find out about Michel’s books at

Me, my brother and nephew

Me, my brother and nephew…I’ll wear my AP jersey to any game…even at Lambeau Field


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  1. I loved this post. I’ve been a Saints fan for 23 years and have seen some dark days in football!

  2. Yes…sadly you’ve also had some good ones provided by us…sigh

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