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The Old and the New

by on December 29, 2012

Are you ready to kiss 2012 goodbye? I know I am. Well, not so much as kiss it, but I’m more than happy to open that door and have my stilettoed boot meet its ass as I kick it out the door. Yup, I’m ready for 2012 to meet 2011 where they can both remain in the past and never come back again. You see, while 2011 was a bad year for me, 2012 was supposed to redeem itself, but nope! This year was one of the most boring years of my life. Nothing happened. Nothing changed. I did get to relax a bit this year, but I’m also ready for some fun and action.

So here I am, wishing that when 2013 rolls around, it’s already a little on the drunk side and ready to party. I don’t want the never have a drink, always do the right thing, dress like a nerd 2012 back. And I sure don’t want the sociopathic, trip you down the stairs 2011 back either. This year, I want fun, adventure, lots of love (to make up for the last two years), and lots of money.

How about you? How have the last few years treated you? Were they just as bad and boring as they’ve been to me? What are you expecting out of 2013?


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  1. Last two years were awful for me. I’d like to move on, find something better. I feel stuck in a limbo of suckiness. Poor me a drink too.

  2. Last year was a rollercoaster of year for me so I guess I just want to have a year at the top of the coster.

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