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A Marrying of Traditions

by on December 28, 2012

My Christmas holiday is usually spent in Mississippi with my dad’s family. We have a huge meal on Christmas Day with my aunt’s cornbread dressing, turkey, ham and assorted cakes and pies. It is a feast to end all feasts.

When I married my husband, bread pudding and jambalaya began making appearances at the holiday meal so that he would feel at home as well. Likewise when my dad married my stepmother, the annual debate on whether or not cornbread dressing should be made with or without chicken was started. (Hint: If you’re ever at this meal, take both and declare them both delicious.)

This year, we did things a little differently and travelled to South Carolina to spend the holiday with my brother and his family.

And what’s for dinner?

My beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture That’s right! Homemade spring rolls and sushi.

My sister-in-law introduced us to some traditions she’d brought from Japan. Our big meal was served on Christmas Eve with sushi and spring rolls accompanying the ham and cornbread dressing. On Christmas Day, she lit the fire pit and roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, which were delicious. They taste and smell  like the American sweet potato but they are a yellowish  white color.

It made me think that the passing down of traditions is woman’s work within our little family. Not once has my husband been in the kitchen chopping onions and bell peppers for the jambalaya and I can’t see my brother rolling sushi. But it is truly a labor of love because I know that in fifty years when my daughters are preparing Christmas dinner for their grandchildren there’ll be two kinds of dressing, bread pudding and jambalaya plus whatever they’ve added for their husbands. And when my nieces are preparing their holiday meals, they’ll be hand making spring rolls to go along with the ham.

That’s the loving evolution of tradition.


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  1. O.M.G, the sushi looks so delicious! I wish I was talented enough to make my own. At the end of it all, it would look like rice and fish salad.

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