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Merry Christmas…

by on December 24, 2012

I have to say before starting this post my Christmas spirit has been at an all time low. So many things have happened this year. A lot of heart ache and hardship and not just for me. I feel for my friends and for others also. Excuse my long sigh, but for some reason this year has seemed harder then the past ones and I really don’t know and can’t explain why. My grandma use to say things happen in cycles and we’re just passing through another one. Looking back I believe that is true, after all there is usually a reason for everything.

I sat down and thought about my grandmother for a long time today, remembering her words of wisdom that I had long forgotten. We use to sit at the kitchen table and just talk. Funny but back then I had no clue what she was trying to say and chalked it up to the rambling of a crazy old woman. Snort, I had to get to this age to finally understand the lessons she was trying to teach me and I was too hardheaded to grasp earlier.

As I grow older I miss Clara more and more and this Christmas I can’t believe I miss her so much. Don’t get me wrong she was an ornery old woman, quick to pull out a pistol and ask questions later but you know I never felt safer than I did when I was with her. Christmas was her favorite time of year and she actually believed in the holiday for just that…the Holiday. She would throw parties and bring everyone together whether we got along or not. For her it wasn’t about the presents or the commercialism that Christmas has become, no for my grandma it was all about connecting. I think I forgot that for a minute.

I see all these pic floating around FB reminding people to hug,  kiss or simply love their family members or significant others. How far have we fallen that we need reminders. This Christmas, there won’t be a lot of presents under the tree. No this year I pulled out Clara’s old cook book. The kids and I had a harrowing experience at the grocery store but we survived and this year we are baking most of the things my grandma would bake and give away for Christmas. This holiday I plan to honor her tradition of connecting with people not just waving as I pass them by. Here’s hoping that the idea is carried forward and maybe if we all take the time to get to know one another again it will be harder to disregard each other when we know someone is in pain or needs a shoulder to lean on.  Anyway, I wish you the grandest of Christmases and I thank you for taking the time to visit Luscious because quite honestly we would be here without you.



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  1. Merry Christmas, ladies. Nice post, Kassanna. There’s a lot to be learned by going back to the basics. 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas! Wonderful post and I just got a yearning for my grandmother’s jellyroll cake. That’s what she gave away for Christmas!

  3. belindaegreen permalink


    It has been a pleasure meeting and getting to know you. Your kindness and support was appreciated.

    I loved what you wrote here. It brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of some of the trials and tribulation I went thru. However, I prevailed because of the love we had for each other. As you mentioned, you try your best to make what little you do have the best experience we can make. Being positive is always a good step in the direction we want to go. I wish you the best during the holidays and the coming year! My thoughts are with you. Take care!


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