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I’ve Found My Christmas Cheer…Sorta

by on December 23, 2012

Christmas is nearly here and with more one day for shopping or two if you count today and tomorrow I’m almost ready to say bye-bye to tradition. One of our family traditions is to have breakfast at my dad’s with my siblings and their family. Since my parents are divorced and remarried, We (my husband and children) have to make a special trip to see my mom. No wonder I’m grumpy.

We live the farthest away and traveling in Michigan in the winter can be treacherous, but I know they’re looking forward to seeing us.

Another tradition we celebrate is the birth of Christ. Before we open any gifts we read the passage from the Bible heralding Jesus‘ arrival. This was our way of instilling in our children why we give gifts and that there was a deeper meaning behind peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.

I know I may be looking at the holiday a little backward and not following my own advice of embracing the moment, but sometimes I wish my family would cooperate like the characters in my books. Oh wait. Who am I kidding? My characters don’t cooperate either. 🙂

No worries, I have found a bit of Christmas cheer. Baking. I had a grand time making and baking cookies. Every got what the asked for. Sugar Cookies for the hubs. Chocolate Chip for two or three of the kids. Magic Bars for someone else. Tea Cakes for the middle child and Cowboy Cookies for myself and there’s even milk to go with the cookies. Santa will be pleased.


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