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Here’s another one…Stephanie Freeman has stepped onto the Luscious side.

by on December 21, 2012

Hey peeps,

So I was MIA for a bit while I scoured the sites for yet more authors to bring to your attention and guess what? I found several that I will be showcasing in the upcoming weeks. To kick-off my fantastic finds I have Ms. Stephanie Freeman and I have to say I am so digging the blurb and the cover. Ya’ll know how I feel about my pretties. Stephanie hooked us up with an interview so take a read below and then I will introduce you to the blurb and since I’m told I have too…the pretty.

1. Give us a brief introduction: Who are you and what do you do?
By day, I am the quintessential school teacher with ink pens wound in my hair. By night, beneath the constant glow of my computer monitor, I am something… else. My name is Stephanie Freeman and I am a Romantic Thriller/Suspense novelist.

2. How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?
I don’t…. not publicly anyway. Certainly I read the review, but I find it best not to answer. It has been my observation that most responses to bad reviews are comprised of words chosen in haste or borne of emotion… Never a good combination.

3. Are the names of the characters in your novels important?
Names are extremely important in my novels. Certain names match personalities. More often than not, my characters tell me their names.

4. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a writer?
As a writer I’ve faced my share of rejections. In the end, I think the rejections made me a better writer because I gleaned what I could from those that were kind enough to give feedback. I also developed what my former English professors affectionately called a Writer’s Hide, a thicker skin that has served me well when the critics awaken.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely! There’s nothing more romantic that seeing a person across a crowded room. The world falls away. For days afterward you find yourself helplessly drawn back to the memory of them. You find yourself wondering what their kisses taste like…. how their sweat would feel drying on your skin…. or perhaps the feel of their hand smoothing away the cares of a day or igniting a fire that only they can quench. Can there be a better bliss?

6. Which story of yours would you like to see brought to film?
I would love to see Necessary Evil and its sequel brought to film. The male and female leads in these books haunt me still. Idris Elba would make a fine Cassiel Garrett and Journee Smollett- Bell would be perfect as Alana Symone. The villains in both books are deliciously wicked.

7. What is your favorite winter holiday tradition, if any?
I love to knit and crochet. Every year, I crochet at least 2-3 blankets and quite a few hat, scarf and mitten sets that I donate to local charities.

8. What is the one thing you do after finishing a story?
I have a glass of wine and listen to some jazz.

9. What motivates you to write?
I love to play that marvelous game, “What If?” which is usually followed by its twin “What Happened Next?”

10. What are the most important elements of good writing, in your opinion?
The most important elements of good writing in my opinion would have to be solid plots with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged and strong characters that drive the story. I want my readers to fall through the page and forget the world for a while.

There you have it. One grade A fantastic interview. I posted a pic of the pretty. *Grumbles* My co-bloggers made me. But even you have to admit. It is hot!!


Told you it was hawt!!! Now read below and sink your teeth into the blurb and excerpt.

Some heroes wear medals. My heroes wear scars. Necessary Evil… Not your typical romance.

Blurb ~

“Ever do something, cop? Something . . . something you don’t like doing but you know you must?”

Detective Cassiel Garret suspects the pretty young temp worker knows more about a string of audacious bank robberies and jewel heists than she’s letting on. But there’s something about her, something that all of his training tells him is terribly wrong. An even deeper knowing makes him believe she’s more than a common thief or an accessory to the crimes that are plaguing his hometown. Does he forego all of his training to follow his heart-or will a call to duty win out?

Her question was simple, but her answer was not. Could he forgive her the unforgivable? Alana Symone will stop at nothing to protect the ones she loves-even the stranger who seems hell-bent on either putting her behind bars or loving her for the rest of her life.

Excerpt ~

The scream froze in his throat.

His gut felt all hot and glassy inside. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. In a minute, he’d wake up in his own bed. And she’d be there, right there in his arms. And he’d breathe her in deep. The feel of her, the smell of her was all he needed to set him straight. And he’d be okay because she was there safe, and warm. She‘d be there and it wouldn’t matter, none of it would matter anymore. The blood, the scars, all of it would be over. Over for good, over forever because she was home. Home at last, home to stay, and nothing and nobody would ever hurt her again. And the baby, God her baby, would finally be safe. And anything and everything would be fine because she wasn’t standing on the rooftop across from him staring down the barrel of a gun.

A chunk of his heart throbbed in his throat as he pressed his forehead against the door. He’d come for the girl, to make good on the promise, but what was there to say? Her eyes were so much like her mother’s. He knew he would make the kinds of desperate promises fathers made to their little girls to take away the tears. He would tell her that there were no real monsters and that happy endings were always right around the corner. Anything sounded better than the truth. In time, maybe she would forgive him. After all he wasn’t her father, could never be her father not now. Not ever…

He killed her mother.
He killed her to set her free.

Buy Link:

Meet the author:

Later Taters…and remember Keep reading my friends!

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