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Yes I’m Grinchy this Christmas

by on December 17, 2012
Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at

Taking the season off


There’s a time to just step back and enjoy the season instead of being involved in it.  I’m not being a Grinch I’m stating a fact.  Everyone needs a year to step back and not be the one to host, the one to shop, the one to make the cookies.  In some families people rotate holidays but as families move further and further apart because the global world we live in it makes it harder to rotate.

Running across town to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving.  Then down the street to cousin Larry’s for Christmas.  Finally spending New Year’s Eve at crazy Aunt Shirley’s farm at the edge of the city so you can have fireworks just isn’t feasible anymore.  Even now as I look forward to my son going away to college I envision him across the country so he can experience something new.

Maybe it’s just my house, but it seems like we’re always on and I was fine with that for years, but I think I need a holiday off.  What can I say Skipping Christmas by John Grisham spoke to me.  We take vacations from work and usually need a vacation from the vacation just to recuperate.  Recently I went to Colorado and had a great time.  I saw a few sites but I spent time by myself in my hotel room without needing to feed any animals or the child.  I couldn’t clean or do laundry.  I didn’t need to follow up on anything really.

My husband who had to work during the day asked me why I didn’t do anything during the day.  I was so relaxed and comfortable I came home ready to start anew.  I even finished books.  Yes those things I write and read when I can.  It was mystical.

Then I looked deeper into why the Christmas season had lost its shine for me and what do you know…Black Friday came along.  Actually it was whatever there going to call that day that used to be Thanksgiving.  Yes, people left my house early to make sure they got a great bargain at eight o’clock.  Now when I was young I remember my dad looking through the sales at the end of the night after all the left over’s were put away thinking maybe at eight when the stores were open he’d head out.  Eight…not six…not midnight…and not on Thanksgiving.  Then I thought about the ads on TV…Oh yeah I kicked Santa’s ass getting great deals.  Really?  You kicked Santa’s ass.  Wow, congratulations.  You beat up a saint that brings joy to millions of kids.

The stockings are hung in my house and the tree is trimmed, but I have no motivation to go out and shop.  It’s not that I don’t love my loved ones I just can’t stand the shopping and consuming anymore.  Maybe I’ll hide in the closet until the season is over…Santa’s probably in there anyway since he’s getting his ass kicked all over town.


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  1. I’m so with you on this one. Great post.

  2. Kari permalink

    This so speaks to me right now. And I tried to drag out the decorations yesterday and I couldn’t :(. Not even a tree.

  3. I with you too! I’ve been simplifying Christmas each year for the past five. It’s just to exhausting to continue in the madness!

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