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Todays Featured Author ~ Don Abdul ~ Romance that will make your man read.

by on November 29, 2012

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really awesome writers since I began my own writing career. Some of them have been favorites I have read over the years while others are totally new to me and yet I have found their work utterly spectacular too. The diversity of the romance genre never ceases to amaze me. I mean you can find anything from borderline raunchy to sensually sweet. In this case romance is like a box of chocolates and thank heavens for the choices.

I was fortunate enough to met a great author with a talent for writing sex. Yes I said it sex. His books are good but his scenes are hot!! Come here…yeah come closer, let me whisper his name to you. His name is Don Abdul. But when he has an alter ego  takes over from time to time he puts out some slightly different books (clears throat) and his name is Tyrese Jordan.

I do so like a good romp in some of my more steamier books and I really enjoyed his book however a surprising thing happened. I passed it on to my husband and heavens above there was a sea parting somewhere because he read it  and liked it too. If you knew my guy you would understand my wonder. Anyway no interview this time, my buddy Don has been working non-stop at his EDJ but he did manage to send me an excerpt and book cover (I do so love the pretties) of a book close to his heart and that’s  what I will be sharing with you today. Happy Reading.



Excerpt ~ (Smoking Hot and R-Rated)

She was about to give him an earful about being a pervert, but something devilish inside of her twisted her words,  and at the same time shocked her too. “You love my titties don’t you?”

“I… ah… don’t know what you mean.” He stuttered even as his cheeks turned red.

“Uh hm? Well how’s that for exhibit A?” she said pointing at his swollen crotch and laughing seductively.

His blush got deeper, but he quickly feigned indignation and spat out; “Oh grow up… why would I be looking at your ti….” He caught himself just in time and just looked away at the passing row of houses outside the moving cab.

“Oh come on, I know you like them. I’ve seen you looking before . . . . ” she said in an almost conciliatory voice which trailed off.

He would never be sure whether it was the booze or some devil inside her that prompted it but her next move shocked him into silence . . . and acquiescence.

She laid her soft feminine hand on his and lifted it up to her breasts. His cock instantly kicked as his heart pounded hard in his chest. The excitement was indeed threatening his sanity.

The tiny voice of his conscience cautioned against their journey down that sure road to damnation, yet it was soon drowned out by the intensity of his lust.

He gently caressed her full 34 C breast and circled his finger around her pinkish brown areola before rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger.

“Ohhhh . . . Mmmmm!” Sophie moaned as she opened herself to the pleasure of his touch; unlike most of the men and women who have had the tactile pleasure of her tits, his was a touch steeping in sensitivity and smoothness of an accomplished boob lover, a connoisseur of breasts.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned again feeling the rising heat deep in her loins dissolve into a puddle that left her pussy very hot and wet. ‘Oh I wish he would lower his lips and suck on my nipples right now,’ she thought and then she reached up and sank her delicate fingers into his head of raven black hair, intent on bringing his mouth to her needy breasts. They were both rocked forward in their seat as the taxi pulled to a stop. They quickly disengaged and stepped out of the cab. He paid off the cabbie who then drove off.

As they walked into the house, he had his hands in both pockets, desperately trying to hold down his erection. Sophie on her part did nothing to change the status quo, her blouse was still only half way buttoned and her tits almost entirely visible.

Once inside the house, he headed on straight to his room while Sophie hit the bar for a night cap. Tom was a little calmer and was grappling with the impropriety of his action in the cab. He just couldn’t shake his arousal, and so he stripped rather quickly believing a cold shower to be a quick fix to his pulsing wood.

When he emerged from the shower cooler and much calmer, he had a towel wrapped around his waist, and he was heading toward his dresser to change into a fresh pair of shorts when the door opened. Sophie walked into the room carrying two glasses one of which she immediately thrust into his hand. As he reached out to collect the drink the towel loosened up and fell away revealing his semi erect penis.

Time froze for a moment as Sophie’s eyes were glued to his cock, his eyes widened both in shock and in the sudden realization that her blouse was now completely open and her breasts on display.

The sights and sounds of the world once again intruded upon them in the form of Sophie’s loud gasp as she felt her core melting in the heat of her rising hunger for his growing cock. Tom stifled a groan as he longed to touch and caress her gorgeous breast again. He hungered for a taste of her rock hard nipples in his mouth and damn him; he was simply dying to fuck her and thus fulfill his long held deeply secret fantasy.

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  1. Gynger Fyer permalink

    Awesome book by an awesome guy. It’s not for the faint of heart. Don is an erotica master! *dabs forehead with hankie*

  2. Wow! This is awesome Kassanna, you’re so sweet 🙂

    Thanks Gynger

    Here’s the Buy Link again:

  3. Always super hot when it comes to Don. I love his books and stories. This is another example of his very erotic mind. Have some ice ready when you read this. It is steamy! Maybe even read it with your mate and then enjoy the fruits afterwards. 😉 Love it.

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