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Thankful for small pieces of copper

by on November 23, 2012

As most of us spend today trying to save pennies by running over the person who dared to get the last crock-pot for five dollars, I want to talk about something I’m thankful for.  Yes, it’s okay to keep the Thanksgiving spirit past the meal on Thursday ( I’m thankful for pennies).  Yes, the little bit of copper that since I was child has been rumored to be taken out of circulation, but I pray never will be because it has been a game changer for me.

Pennies seem unassuming, but so much of my life has been determined on the flip of a coin.  Back in 1995 my husband was being recruited and he trying to choose between two colleges.  On the flip of a coin he came to the school I was attending.  Now this might not have been the best way to choose and looking back the other school might have been a better fit, but my husband believes in fate.  “Everything happens for a reason,” yes I’ve wanted to hit him on multiple times for saying that.   If that coin would have landed on the other side I would have never met my husband…thank God for pennies and superstitious men from Mississippi.

When I got nervous about how fast we were moving and wanted to self sabotage my relationship with him…well lets just say I was stupid, mean and dumb.  Once again the penny reared its “head” or “tail”… he never told me which it was.  As he sat in a car with friends he flipped a penny to decide if he should stay with me.  Sure some people write out a pro/con list, but not my superstitious man.  Trusting in God and the fates he went for best three out of five.  Three flips of a penny later he resigned that staying with me was what was best for him.  Sixteen years later… strangely he still thinks so.

I’m sure he’s flipped over a dozen pennies since I’ve known him.  When I look at where my life is now those pennies love me.  Don’t dismiss those little bits of copper in the “take a penny leave a penny” jar.  One of them might have changed someone life.

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  1. What a wonderful sentiment and a whole new reason to view pennies.

  2. That was a beautiful post!

  3. Samantha permalink

    Thanks all.

  4. You’re very right = everything happens for a reason. Thank you for reminding me girl. I adore you!

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