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Happy Thanksgiving!

by on November 22, 2012

I sat here this morning wondering what I plan to write about. I knew the theme for this month is about giving thanks. I planned out this huge post on all the things I have to be thankful for. As I sat back in my office chair and closed my eyes, after much thought realized in my little piece of the world it really came down to three major things to be thankful for.

Life. I am here for good or for bad I have lived to see another Thanksgiving when there are many that cannot say the same. I am not hungry or homeless and I thank God for that on a daily basis because a simple alteration in my life could easily change all that. In the scheme of things most of of don’t think about it but today stop and say a quick thank you because our circumstances could always be worse. And while your at, say a prayer or those that may not have things so good. Prayer is a great thing and we should probably utilize it more often for the powerful tool that it is.

Family and friends. I know what your saying. That’s two thing but in my book these two thing intermingle and close friends are like family to me. My mom has a saying. If you can count your friends on your hand then your lucky. I consider myself extremely fortunate you see I had no choice in my family members and although I am happy to know some of them if you took away my immediate family (with whom I would kill for…LOL)the others would be strangers to me. However I am blessed to have the friends I have met along the way in this journey I call life. Like my father and mother, brothers and sister, my husband and children, they have have been there through thick and thin with me and no matter what are only a phone call away if necessary. They may not be my family by blood but I would  happily sit in a jail cell with them if ever it was necessary.

Third but by no means last, writing. Like most folks I have had my ups and downs. As I sit here typing and go over the facets of my life I honestly have to say I am surprised I actually survived a couple of situations. It brings me to that once popular saying … Things that make you go hmmm. Through it all though I had my writing. A quick jot here, a note there and I maintained my sanity. Putting pen to paper, getting those emotions down made it easier to work through any and all issues that arose. The beauty of that is it turned into so much more. I formed friendships with imaginary characters in my head and was a welcome visitor to whole other worlds.  To take a vacation in my head and smile at the unfolding story is amazing and something I attempt to share with every book I write. Another way for me to say thank you to the universe for my gift.

I have so much more to be grateful for but these three things top my list and as I sit and enjoy a dinner with friends and family I want to send up a quick prayer to those that can’t for one reason or another. We all have our trials and tribulations but hold on for when God closes a door a widow slides open and everyday I am thankful for another chance. I bow my head and say grace that you get that chance too. Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and that is truly a blessing.

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