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Thankful for those who had time for me

by on November 12, 2012

Not that long ago in my illustrious “What are you going to be when you grow up?” phase of life I was going to be a teacher.  Yes, my goal when I entered college was to mold young minds and share the knowledge I’d acquired over my own lifetime with them.  Science was my major of choice, having always loved it in my formative years.  Whether it was dissecting a small animal to see how the circulatory system worked, shooting off a rocket to defy gravity or in my favorite discipline a little chemical mixing to create something wonderful or destructive.

I know this makes me sound a little crazy, but I was a researcher more than a practitioner.  Researching what others had done and then trying to repeat and improve the state of matter.  With history as my back up, and finally my only major, I went to college prepared to teach.  Through a few different hiccups I dropped the teaching part of my degree and moved past my need to warp young minds directly.

You may be asking yourself what all this has to do with a “what are you thankful for blog?” Well dear readers I’m thankful for my teachers growing up.  As my son has matured and moved into the education system, if that’s what it is now, going from grade to grade I wonder where the teachers have gone?

The one thing I took away from my teaching classes in college was the first thing spouted out in each class no matter what the subject.  “You can always get softer not harder.”  Yes as an erotica writer I see the irony but lets leave the junior high locker room and go back to…well junior high.

As I remembered junior and senior high, we had these weird things called deadlines.  If you didn’t complete your assignment by the deadline, you’d go into class (if you didn’t call in sick) looking as if you were run over by a semi truck but somehow had made it to school.  You begged for an extension from your teacher that, considering how many semi trucks had run you over so far that year, would possibly grant you minus X amount of points for being late.

My fear of due dates has made my editor happy because I rarely turn in my edits by the due date I’m usually a few days or even a week before they are due.  Now lets jump ahead to my son’s classroom where he has no repercussions for late work.  In fact he could turn in the whole trimesters worth of work the last week and still get full credit.  Hmm.  I wonder if my editor would like my son turning in his edits the day before the release and actually expect to have the same release date?  Or when he starts working if his boss will accept that?

Now lets turn to behavior.  I didn’t go to a Catholic School with nuns walking up and down the aisles slapping my knuckles with a ruler for not facing forward.  I did have teachers that for some reason we all feared.  Sure, we’d joke off campus about them, but never in their class.  Why?  Guess they were hard to begin with huh?  I respected my teachers, because they always seemed to be there to help us.  We weren’t the crap they had to deal with from September to June.

I never knew the teachers that got into the profession for the summers off.  My teachers didn’t have summers off.  You could go by the school and there were always a handful of them doing some type of work.  They didn’t bemoan their obligation of going to three school functions.  They just went.

So as I try really hard to bite my tongue at the incompetence of the teachers at my son’s school as they teach to the lowest common denominator instead of raising everyone in the class to the highest like mine did.  I’m reminded that I was lucky and I’m thankful for those who put in the time and effort to teach me.

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  1. Great post Samantha!

  2. You made me think of my favorite teacher. She was tough and when we went to Parent Teacher night, her only complaint to my parents was that she knew I could do better.

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