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A look at Finding Orion. The inside view of a new release.

by on November 6, 2012

I’m back! I have a new author to introduce you to and I am so excited. The authors name is Erin Lark and the book is Finding Orion. There is no interview…sorry. Our feature author today was affected by Hurricane Sandy and only got her her electricity back on recently. Something I know she is extremely thankful for. So I want to take a minute to bow my head and say a quick prayer for those affected by the recent catastrophe. That being said I’m thankful that I happened upon this author and her book. Check out the blurb and delicious excerpt  below.

Blurb ~

The last thing Brianna needs after submitting to Orion in her dreams is a man, let alone one that looks exactly like him. But there’s something hauntingly familiar about Jace and the way he looks at Bree when she meets his gaze from across the bar.

Unable to sleep, no thanks to her neighbors’ sexcapades, she’s aching for an out. Even if it means a one night stand with her Dom’s lookalike who up until now didn’t exist. But when this new stranger declines her sexy invitation, she’s determined to figure Jace out—one painful layer at a time.

After getting screwed by his ex, Jace isn’t even remotely interested in being someone else’s master, especially when it involves putting his band’s career on the line. But avoiding the lifestyle of a Dom is easier said than done, unless he finds someone to take him off the market—which makes Bree just the woman he’s looking for.

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, flogging



I tried to open my eyes. I tried to look at him, to read whatever emotions were left on his face. Somehow, at some point, my eyes had closed, refusing to open. I was submitting to him, and instead of the panic I expected to feel at my loss of control, all that I felt was anticipation. Pure, undeniable anticipation.

I moaned when Jace’s lips kissed one of my breasts, and gasped when he sucked at the nipple he found there. He bit down, just hard enough for it to almost hurt. My fingers flew to their resting place in his hair. Down his neck. Onto his back. Clawing. Biting. Begging for more.

And with every bite of my nails against his skin, the pressure on my breasts got a little stronger.

I gasped for air. “Bed…bedroom.” We should stop. The last words never passed through my lips, and they didn’t have to.

Jace’s hesitation was gone. And he knew we could stop at any time, but I left that decision up to him. It wasn’t that he had doubts, he was just…careful. Almost too careful. Compared to Orion who knew pulling my hair was supposed to hurt, Jace was barely a breath of wind on my cheek.

He lifted his head to get his bearings before looking at me for direction.

I pointed down the hall, and with his help, I stood up from the couch. My body swayed from one side to the other. My legs wobbled, but they didn’t buckle. With hands that barely wanted to work, I grabbed at the bottom of his shirt. We broke apart just long enough for me to pull it up over his head before tossing it to the floor with his shoes.

Our bodies collided then, skin against skin, his heat to mine. He found my lips again, following my lead down the hall without ever breaking our kiss. He worked on the clasp of my skirt, and I effortlessly stepped out of it before falling back in to a wall. I yelped from the cold surface, and Jace took the opportunity to press up against me.

He still had his pants on, but I could easily feel his erection through the thick fabric. Stumbling over our own feet as we tried to avoid any further collisions with the walls surrounding us, we finally managed to reach my room. He closed the door behind him and came at me, pressing me against the wall furthest from the bed.

“Bed,” I murmured around his lips.

We were right there. Just a few more feet. I went to take a step forward.

Jace pinned my arms above my head, pressing them against the wall.

My heart skipped. My stomach sank. I didn’t know who I was with. Jace? Orion? A little bit of both?

“Here,” Jace growled.

I gasped for breath. My vision swept from one corner of the room to the other before settling on Jace’s feet.

Jace broke our kiss when I halfheartedly kissed him back. “Everything okay?”

I swallowed and nodded. It’s excitement I’m feeling, I had to remind myself. Not fear. I didn’t fear him. This is what I’d wanted ever since I first saw him a few nights ago. But will he regret it? He did say he wanted to take things slow. I spoke before he could kiss me again. “You?”

Jace’s eyes widened, almost as if I’d spoken a completely different language.

“Are you okay with doing this?” I offered. “We don’t have—”

I fell silent when his free hand reached down to my hip. His finger hooked under the waist of my underwear, pulled at it, and drew them down below my knees. Within a few short moments, they too were on the ground, just like the rest of my clothes we’d left on our way to the bedroom.

I ached to feel him, to unbutton those pants. His hold remained firm, and he smiled as I watched him effortlessly unbutton his pants with one hand. He unzipped them, shimmied out of them, and stepped out of the coarse fabric before pressing his erection against the inside of my leg.

My mouth watered as I envisioned the cock hidden beneath the one article of clothing he had left. Boxers. Easy to remove. If you have hands! It was a mind game. It had to be. This whole charade of him being vanilla, it couldn’t be real. Not when he held me like that, and especially not when he looked directly at me.

Any man who wasn’t a Dom would never look right at a woman he’d just met. He’d look past her. Through her. Not Jace. He stared right at me, and the longer I stayed under his fiery gaze, the more impatient I became.

My fingers tingled, and I flexed them to make sure they wouldn’t go numb.

Jace noticed my small gesture and released his hold on them, moving his attention to my hips instead.

With my hands free to do as they normally would, I grasped at the bottoms of his shoulder blades along his back, holding him to me as I did whatever I could to get my hips that much closer to him.

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  1. Fantastic title and I loved the excerpt. Congratulations on your release.


  2. Wonderful excerpt! Congrats

  3. Kassanna, thank you so much for this. Sorry I did not see this sooner. This is a wonderful feature.

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