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For Those Still, Quiet Moments

by on November 5, 2012

I am thankful for those still, quiet moments when no one needs me. There is no ‘mommy can you?’, no ‘hey, babe could you?’ and most importantly no ‘we could use your input on this conference call’. It’s just me staring out of the window of the train during my commute into the city.

Most days, I let my mind wander. Thinking about what I’ll make for dinner. What was that warehouse once used for? How can that man drink an ice coffee in this weather?

And sometimes, I’m rewarded for these meanderings. I came up with the name Xavier Loving, who you’ll meet next year in my first AA sweet romance. I figured out how to move pictures from my phone to my Google account. I suddenly remembered it was Boss’s Day and bought a card before going into the office!

Lately, I’ve been enjoying short stories on the ride in and discovered some new writers. Most times, though, I just stare out of the window as the world rushes by without my interference. Each weekday morning, I sit down in my cubicle with a cup of coffee at peace with a big smile because I’ve just been relaxing in silence for an hour.

Now, the day will progress and I will be needed but I got my time! I hope you all find those moments in your day or your week when it is just you and no one else.


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  1. Nothing like being able to relax. Great post Vallory.

  2. Shyla Colt permalink

    I can so relate to this post Vallory. Those moments of calm are worth their weight in gold.

  3. Thanks Nikki and Shyla, those moments are awesome!

  4. Samantha permalink

    Those moments are too far and inbetween

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