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Halloween Inspiration

by on October 27, 2012

Last year a few months before Halloween, I came up with the perfect plot idea. It came out of nowhere, really. I was giving my now-ex-husband a haircut as his ipod played “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight”. I looked into his blue eyes and just like that a force hit me, almost knocking me out. That force was my muse, giving me a story idea. I worked in a rush to write that story, but a few unforeseen events happened and the WIP was never finished. This year, I’m happy to announce that not only did I write “The End” on it, but it will be releasing on Monday, October 29th through Noble Romance Publishing as well as other places where e-books are sold.

The rules of life and death don’t apply on Halloween!

Hairdresser Tina Velks is dying from a heart defect. When she learns that her newest client is a vampire, she plans to feed on him. After all, if she becomes a vampire, she will live forever. Too bad she doesn’t know that on All Hallows’ Eve, a human who tastes vampire blood dies before sunrise, never to be resurrected.

Luke Cardwell is shocked when he meets Tina. She looks, smells, and even tastes like the woman who turned him, Isadora Blake. As Isadora was dying in his arms hundreds of years ago, she promised that her soul would be reborn in another woman. He suspects Tina is that woman. However, during a night of passion, she drinks his blood.

With only hours left until sunrise, will Luke be able to break the curse and save the woman he loves?

ADULT EXCERPT (Read only if you’re 18 or over):

Soft music played as candle light flickered, casting shadows on the walls. Tina straddled him, one long leg on each side of him. The heat from her pussy warmed his lap, and his cock twitched. She ground her hips back and forth against his crotch. Long, thin arms snaked around his shoulders, and his erection stiffened, straining against his pants. Red fingernails scratched his chest as her hand crept down toward his dick. She palmed his hardness and moaned softly as she undid his pants, freeing him from his restraints. One long finger traveled up and down along the length of his cock. It tickled, and his penis jumped at her touch. She wrapped her hand around his thickness. He sucked in a sudden deep breath, and his entire body warmed and tingled. His fangs itched, and he ran his tongue over them, suppressing them. Not yet, not now. She would know if he bit her now. No. Only once she was in the midst of deep passion would he bite her. Then she wouldn’t feel the pain when his teeth sank into her skin.

But . . . . to taste her! He would give anything to taste her.

“Do you want me?” Her voice purred into his ear, but she didn’t wait for an answer. She lifted her hips and positioned herself over him. She didn’t have any underwear on. When she impaled herself on his cock, a scream tore from her. Her wet heat enveloped him as she rose and fell in perfect rhythm. Her little “oohs” and “ahs” were music to his ears. He bit her shoulder hard, piercing her skin with his fangs. He tasted her sweet, coppery blood, and she screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body.


I hope all of you will go out and buy yourself a copy of TO DIE TONIGHT on Monday. And Happy Halloween!!!


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  1. Very cool idea!

  2. Love the idea of this story and how you got it. Can’t wait to read it Angelina!

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