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Two Hot Titles in One Week

by on October 21, 2012

Evernight put out two…yes two IR titles this week. They happen to be by two Luscious authors. Are you seeing a theme here? You should not only are they IR and by contributing authors. They also happen to be titillating Halloween books. Something to make you say hmmm. Got your attention? Then read below I promise you won’t be disappointed.


He lurked in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike. All he wanted was the power of life. There was only way to steal it, collect the hearts of seven women and present them to the bringer of life, during the hour All Hallow’s Eve when the veil between the physical and the spiritual realms were the thinnest.

In a city where casting spells and supernatural beings were welcome, Dana had trouble quelling her gifts. With the touch of life or death and never knowing when it would work, she avoided contact with humans and Others alike, but when she rescues a handsome member of the Council, and her touch doesn’t kill. She knows he’s the one. Despite the connection they share, there’s a price. Someone will have to die.

She was a menace. Those words echoed through her head even as Dana stared into the swirling dark waters below. A menace, a threat, someone to be feared, all because she could no longer control one power. One silly little power. The foamy waves crashed and collided, fighting with the large rocks when the river receded enough for them to be visible.

The Council compared her to the raging river. Worthwhile, beautiful, yet with a deadly calm lurking below the surface. She sniffled and swiped at the moisture drenching her cheeks. Even her brother, her twin brother, hadn’t come to her defense, instead choosing to remain passive.

She lifted a slim shoulder and dashed at the tears dripping down her chin. Things would be better all around if she were no longer part of this world. Closing her eyes, she gripped the thick rail, the metal hard and cold beneath her palms. Somehow the wrought iron seemed an inadequate barrier to the chaotic river below. Anyone with enough will could easily climb over and step into oblivion.

Crisp fall air lifted her chin-length hair and whipped it around her face. Half-turning, she stared at the traffic. Again, another tangle of wrought iron and chain-link fence seemed flimsy as a deterrent, but she guessed it worked.

With a sigh, she pressed her fingertips to her temples. Ever since the meeting her brother Danny kept trying to talk to her telepathically and she ignored him, but the effort to keep him from her thoughts was wearing down her resolve.

Everywhere she looked people were paired off. Groups of families, couples laughing or stealing affectionate kisses, even the homeless shuffling along the dim sidewalk had a partner to call his own.

And her…

She returned her attention to the water. Nothing. And after the fiasco at the Council meeting, her dream was even further out of reach.


She stared at her hands. Her short, but slim fingers were encased in custom leather gloves. Specially made to keep her from hurting anyone. Yeah, thanks Danny. Despite the hand covering she could still feel the sizzle coursing through her veins, running beneath her skin like the current from a switch. If she could control her talent again, then she wouldn’t need to wear the damn gloves.

Once more she faced the street. Life ebbed and flowed. Enchantment shimmered in the air as tangible as the bright glittering diamonds hanging from the black canopy of the sky. Filmy white tendrils splayed across the dull yellow moon, obscuring what little illumination it yielded. Brief flashes of color tugged at the corner of her eye and she glanced toward a mage demonstrating a light show with just the tips of his fingers. The spark and splendor was enough to garner ohhs and ahhs from the onlookers.

Her lips eased into a smile, yet it didn’t quite reach her heart. Magic vibrated and hummed in the air. In a city where humans and Others co-existed, she lived on the fringe of being an outcast. Her talent, while rare, set her apart, and her recent inability to focus it left her a target.

And there was no one to protect her.

Dana shifted her focus to the water, again. To whom much is given, much is required, were the words her parents lived…and died by. A tear dripped from her lashes.  Right now she’d give anything to have them back.

A soft whimper floated on the breeze, the wind seeming to hold its breath as she swung one leg over the rail. Life just hadn’t been the same since her parents died. She hadn’t been the same. Her gift hadn’t been the same and the one person she thought she could count on…

She tossed her other leg over the rail, balancing her weight on her hands and butt. Her feet dangled a few inches above the ledge.

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What would you do if you turned your future mother-in-law into a toad?

Kezia Smythe is a newcomer to Jaded Falls. The townsfolk don’t like change, and they’d definitely not approve of her being a witch if they found out.

Doreen Dineen is the worst of the bunch, going against her at every turn. It doesn’t help matters that the woman’s son, Dominic, asked Kezia to marry him. She does her best to avoid her future mother-in-law.

When she accidentally turns Doreen into a toad…well, she’ll just have to turn her back. If only she knew how.



When he pushed his old bedroom door open, he realized his mother hadn’t changed much. The twin bed that had become too short for him at fifteen sat in the corner, neatly made. His mom had taken down all the posters of heavy metal singers that had covered his walls. She’d left the shelves with all his baseball trophies. They gleamed in the afternoon rays that shone brightly through the single window. Dust motes danced in the beams. The dresser was clean with the exception of a few men toiletries. A brand he wasn’t familiar with.

On a hunch he opened the top drawer and then rubbed the back of his neck. There were men’s undershirts and underwear, bright, white, and clear as day they weren’t his, wrong size. Well I’ll be damned.

“Everything all right?” Kezia walked up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Most definitely. I was just thinking I have an idea where my ma might have gone.” He turned in her arms to look down at her.

“You do?” She swallowed

“You don’t have to cover for her. Although given your relationship with her I don’t know why you would.”

“Okay.” She rose up on her toes and kissed him. “Can we not talk about this now?”

“I love your brain, Ms. Smythe.” He bent his head to touch her lips and opened his mouth, sliding his tongue past her lips to duel with hers.

He hefted her up without breaking the kiss and walked in the direction of the bed. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms enfolded his neck. Dominic gripped a denim covered cheek in each hand, flexing his fingers on the lusciousness that was her butt. His footsteps thudded on the floor, muffled by the dense carpeting. Their tongues tangled, and he slanted his head to get a better lock on her mouth. He felt one of her hands glide down his back, her long nails scraping his skin through the thin company polo he wore. Then she was pulling his hair, yanking his head back and dropping a row of kisses along his jaw. He closed his eyes, sinking into the pleasure-pain of her nails abrading his scalp.

He missed the bed.

Her back slapped the wall. Her heels dug into his ass, and she slid up, giving him better access to her throat. Dominic traced her collarbone with his tongue to the middle of her chest, kissing his way down the valley of her breasts as he heaved her up with his hands. Kezia’s shirt pulled taut, caught between the wall and her back, outlining voluptuous orbs. Her nipples pushed against the material of her clothing, the V-collar dipping perilously low and forcing her mounds to spill over the fabric obstruction. He sucked the soft tissue into his mouth and worked his tongue over it, lapping at it.


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