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What Makes Halloween So Darned Creepy?

by on October 20, 2012


What is about the Halloween season that makes your skin crawl, your mind race over time and sleep elude you?  Is it the cool, dreary weather that makes mystery and the supernatural seem to lurk around every corner? Perhaps the fact that All hallows Eve is approaching, thinning the veil between the living and the dead, sending our danger radar’s off unbeknownst to ourselves. The constant playing of horror movies might help with this. It’s easy to picture things are lurking about when you’re constantly bombarded with eerie imagery.

For me it’s a combination of the weather making me want to go inside when I’m warm and safe mixed with a fantastic imagination and the possibility of something other. Don’t believe me ask my husband, or some of my friends. I can remember once being convinced I saw a vampire when I was younger. There was nothing wrong about this man per say. He wasn’t dressed in all black, didn’t have on sunglasses in doors, or have off eyes. He had long , blond hair , pale skin ,  a very attractive build and classic features. Hell he was working in the mall, not very vampire like, I know. Right now you may be shaking your head at the imagination of youth but truth is the evil that emanated from the man stopped me and my friend dead in our track. It was like looking at a picture and knowing something was not right.  :Shudders:

He must have felt the weight of our gaze because he looked up. Pale blue eyes as old as time looked at mine and everything in me screamed to leave immediately.  Now I’d be the one in the horror movies who gets the hell out of dodge before Ish went down so I listened and we left.

I never saw the “Man” again. I’ve also never  felt that fearful about anyone I’ve come into contact and I’m in my early thirties and have worked as a flight attendant.

Was this m an otherworldly and dangerous or just a human out to cause trouble? I suppose I’ll never really know the answer to that but a part of me leans toward the first explanation. Have you ever had a brush with the supernatural you couldn’t shake? What do you think I ran into that day?


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  1. I am with you…I won’t stay around for anything scary. Great post!

    • Oops hit send too fast. I have felt a presence in my room when I was in my early twenties. It terrified me and I couldn’t move. I was pinned to the bed and couldn’t scream. I had to pray and ask for help before the pressure finally removed itself and dissipated.

      • Shyla Colt permalink

        Thats scary as hell! I’ve had that same experience more than once… There was something off about where I had moved, had to do a house blessing.

      • eek! So very scary

  2. Oh wow, he was definitely a vampire. I’ve seen them too. There are definitely otherworldly beings around. Some good, some not. I’m extremely sensitive to these type of things and even sensed and seen a few myself.

    Back in the early 90’s I was walking my dog, Nanook. Yes, I named him Nanook. The name just popped into my head the day I laid eyes on him. Back then, I was married and we took turns walking him each morning. Well, it was foggy as hell out and no it wasn’t Halloween. It was about 4 a.m. I usually liked to walk him for a good 1/2 an hour or so.

    Something was way off and I felt strange as soon as we stepped out the door. Nanook noticed the shadow before I did and growled at it. So I’m looking in that direction and I see this shadowy figure. I thought it was a person, but it wasn’t. It was an outline of something and this thing struck sheer terror in my heart. I never felt anything like it and I’ve sensed some evil in the past prior to this moment. The thing that killed me was it never moved. It was just black and didn’t move at all. It wasn’t human, I’ll tell you that.

    Now, at the same time I was curious and wanted to investigate but couldn’t bring myself to walk in that direction. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and something told me to get the hell back inside and I did. I couldn’t bring myself to go down there because I know that morning something terrible would have happened to me. I’m getting chills as I type this and I never want to experience this feeling again. Oddly enough, I knew it wouldn’t approach us.

    I really believe our dog was my spirit protector because what ever that thing was (I know what it was, just don’t want to say) he warded it off. When I went inside to tell my husband, he came out and he saw it too. He went out again half hour later and it was gone.

    At that time we collected Native American Mandalas and had a few hung on the walls. Nanook always respected these items. He would sit, huff his chest out and hold his head up high while looking at a certain Mandala we bought from a Pow Wow. Now this is no behavior of a regular animal. I’ll always believe til the day I die that a strong Native warrior inhabited the body of my dog.

    A few years later, a friend and I were shopping. We were getting ready to walk into the K-Mart and this woman came out. Dear God, when she walked past I just felt evil rolling off her in waves. Something wasn’t right with this woman. Me and my friend looked at each other and just kept walking. She sensed it too. Later on in the store, we admitted to each other that we wanted to turn around and look at her, but couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. Go figure.

    Yeah, there are some things out there in this world.

    • Shyla Colt permalink

      Wow, awesome stories Charisma. Sensitivity runs in my family too so I understand odd sometimes scary things happening. Thank you for sharing.and .Nanook is a freaking amazing name for a dog. 🙂 I’m so glad he was with you that morning.

  3. Sonia Hightower permalink

    I have smelled things…most foul in areas I later was informed was haunted.

    • Shyla Colt permalink

      I’ve heard of that happening before on haunted shows! This post is giving me chills.

  4. Mary Roya permalink

    Not sure, but I have seen a young man with lavender eyes. Now this is before contact lens. Might have been an alien? I went to Mytle Plantation in Louisiana. I didn’t see anything. But the next day when I was taking photos one of the photos had someone looking back at me.

    • Shyla Colt permalink

      @ Mary, oh wow! Maybe even a Fae being? New Orleans is alive with the unbelievable.

  5. Spooky post! I’ve worked in a haunted hotel and have had my share of experiences with the supernatural but my first brush came at the age of eight. Though I was scared I didn’t understand why and it was nearly twenty years later when I found out my brothers who were five and four at the time even remembered the event.

    We were spending a portion of Christmas break with our grandmother down in the country and it was very early one morning. My brothers and I slept in the same room in a set of twin beds and our aunts were waking us up and herding us into the bathroom. I peeked into my grandmother’s room and saw her sitting straight up in her bed, nodding her head and murmuring. She looked so strange and I was so scared all of a sudden. I tried to ask my aunts what was happening and they shushed us, got us dressed and sat us on the sofa in the living room while they made breakfast. I remember my brothers and I started to cry because there was this feeling in the house that was so heavy it was hard to breath. Now I know the feeling as grief but then it was just something heavy and it hurt.
    When my grandmother came out, she looked as if she’d been crying and said – William is gone now. He said to make sure we take care of Rosie Lee.”

    “We will.” My aunts said in unison and continued making breakfast.

    About thirty minutes later, the phone rang and the call came from the hospital in town. My great-uncle William had passed away. He was unable to be revived after suffering a stroke. My grandmother got her keys and we drove already dressed and already full to Aunt Rosie Lee’s house where my grandmother and my aunt’s took care of her.

    It would be many times during our lives when my grandmother would announce someone’s passing and communicate some final wish from them. You begin to dismiss these things.
    When she passed away and my brothers and I were cleaning out her house. My brother said – You know I don’t believe in that kind of stuff but I think we should let Nana know that we love her and know she loves us so she doesn’t need to come back and tell us anything.

    “Amen” my other brother and I said in unison.

    • Thanks Vivi. Wow, you and your husband seem to have some sensitivity to ghosts! I’d think growin up in Nawlins though everyone would’ve seen at least one. That place has some serious energy going on, but i so love visiting every chance i get!

    • Great story Vallory, how amazing that your grandmother could do that!

  6. So, I’m from the Louisiana and I don’t play with the supernatural. My friend is always trying to get me to go to a psychic or some other crazy thing. I was just with my daughter in NOLA and asked her if she wanted to go to the cemetary tour. She answer, “No. Because I don’t want a spirit attaching on to me and following me home.” lol.

    When I was younger, we used to have to pass a cemetary on our way to school. I would always see this lady in a white dress standing near a tombstone like she was visiting it. Not so bad except for the fact I was the only one who ever saw the lady when we walked pass.

    When my hubby was in the hospital, he kept asking me about an old lady in his room smoking. First, he was always in private rooms. Second, no one can smoke in the hospital, especially in the rooms. And he would tell me she was sitting in the chair and I saw nothing. At least she never bothered him, apparently just sat in the chair smoking.

    Great post!

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