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Thrills, Chills, and Things that go ‘Boo’

by on October 19, 2012

With the theme for this month being Halloween it’s easy to see why some posts seem identical to one another, we’re all sharing what we love about the holiday. As I’ve mentioned it’s one of my favorite holidays, candy and costumes, tricks and treats. But there’s another side to the holiday, a darker side.

Ahh, the supernatural, the world we cannot see, but know is there. At some point in our lives we’ve had a brush with the other side experienced a bit of deja vu, seen a ghost or something darker that our minds refuse to comprehend.

It probably didn’t help that my grandmother’s house was haunted. The ghost of a little girl. I want to say her name was Carol Ann…um the ghost, not my grandmother. Anyway, the ghost liked to turn off lights and one time she even flipped the mattress during a sleepover. Such fun times. Or it could be the one horned entity that greeted me upon awaking…on more than one occasion.

It’s from that place, tapping into the things I’ve seen and felt. Things that go beyond chills, sprinkling holy water or even lighting a sage stick or two. I believe in the things I cannot see and have a healthy respect for them.

And that is where my newest release, Love’s Deadly Touch was born. My fascination with magical powers and supernatural beings.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic


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  1. what a great blog post. Thanks for sharing. Tapping into what we know makes all the difference.


  2. Sonia Hightower permalink

    I think that’s neat and somewhat spooky. Must have made for interesting sleepovers. LOL

  3. Wow! Did you guys ever try to find out who she was? These types of stories fascinate me.

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