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Ways to make our hearts race

by on October 13, 2012

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What is it about scary movies? Why do we want to fall into a book that makes our skin crawl? Then again why do we read books or watch movies at all? Isn’t life enough for us? Heck no.

When in our life can we experience a person torturing us with meat hooks or stalking us to the point entering out own home is frightening? We don’t really want to have that experience, but we want the rush of it. We want to stretch our imagination to try to figure out who in the elevator is the killer. That’s why we escape into these fantasy worlds. They’re safe. Or they can be. For two hours we can run the emotional gamete created by a screenwriter. We can have the rush of uncertainty as someone walks down the steps. We can attach to the main character and cry because their boy/girlfriend was hacked to pieces in front of them.

Then we have the shape shifting creatures or vampire like creatures that only come out in night. The scariest time of the day when our vision is reduced and we have to depend on our other senses to keep us safe. Are these creatures beasts or humans struggling with a burden that we couldn’t understand on our worst day as we sit in our cubicles.

The same can be said of any genre. We want to feel the cold fingers of a vampire as his fingers stroke the column of our throat and our heart race quickens to the point that our head’s spinning. Our lips will fill with the rush of anticipation of a kiss. Oh if only his lips would find ours. Much like their victims we can be lulled into a place of safety. Dreaming of them coming to us in the night…mmm.

So snuggle up close to someone who’ll keep you safe from those things that go bump in the night. Because even though we like the escape and adrenaline rush too much could end with us finding the same fate as those in the movie only without the sweet kiss of a vampire to the neck.


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  1. Yes. the adrenaline rush is fun, but the snuggling is better. Great post. 🙂

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