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The Halloween Costume That Wouldn’t Die

by on October 12, 2012

When I was a kid, I was cast as the snowflake in my school’s Christmas play. It wasn’t a complicated role. I had no lines. All I had to do was go out into the stage with a bunch of other kids from my class, and dance. And since we were all playing snowflakes, we had to dress in all white.


My mother bought me a white dress, sowed some white and silver Christmas garlands around it, and sent me out to my school play.


After the play, I thought it was the end of my costume. Boy, was I wrong.


The following year around Halloween, my mother asked what did I want to be.


“A witch!” I screamed in glee. I hated that I had golden blonde hair and a totally pale face. Everyone at school used to call me a ‘ghost’ behind my back. Given that my entire school was 99 percent Hispanic, I stood out like a sore thumb. I wanted to go dressed in all black and a wig. I wanted to fit in.


“I think you should be a princess.”


“But I don’t want to be a princess!”


“Too bad.” She pulled out the dress. Yes, that snowflake dress that I had thought was long gone, and that year, I went as a princess. And while the rest of my class were witches and vampires, zombies and monsters, I was still the same blonde pale girl I had always been, except now I wore a color that looked horrible on me and really made me look like a ghost.


But it was one day. One year. Surely next year I could be a witch. When the next Halloween rolled around, my mother asked that age-old question.


“A witch!” Did I even have to answer her? I had wanted to be a witch for as long as I could remember.


But once again, she pulled out that ugly white dress. The garlands were ruined after a few washes, and finally they had to be removed, but she made me try on the dress and the stupid thing still fit.


“I don’t want to be a princess. I was one last year.”


“So,” she said with the wave of her hand. “You could be a bride.”


That year, while the rest of my class was jokers and clowns, vampires and witches, I was a bride. Like what kid wants to be a bride on Halloween?


When the next year came around, I had given up on my dream costume. My mom wasn’t going to throw that damn white dress out, ever. And I will never outgrow that thing.  As she was digging around in her closet for that dress, she asked what I wanted to be.


“What’s the point? I’m stuck with that ugly dress, might as well be a ghost this year.”


“There you go!” She smiled as she pulled out the dress. “You could be a ghost princess bride.”


Yeah, whatever!


She handed me the dress to try on, and a miracle happened. The stupid thing was too tight. It wouldn’t zip, and the waist was incredibly high and uncomfortable. Finally, that year I got to retire that costume and instead dressed in all black, sported a black lipstick and eye shadow, and enough black spray on hair-color to paint the entire world. I was finally a witch!


What was the worst costume you ever had to wear?


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  1. LOL. Oh Angelina that was horrible and funny at the same time. I don’t think I’ve had an experience like that with a costume. However I’m glad you got to retire that white dress. Just one question, is it truly gone or just tucked away in a trunk somewhere waiting to be rediscovered?

  2. Cherryce permalink

    That was funny. Sorry did not mean to laugh at you having to wear the same dress for a couple of years

  3. LOL! Well if it’s any consolation it sounded like your princess had multiple personalities, so technically you were dressed as Cybil each year 🙂

  4. Dahlia DeWinters permalink

    Gosh, that is the costume that truly wouldn’t die. Thank Goodness you finally got away from that dress!!!

  5. Shyla Colt permalink

    lmao!! I love this story Angelina. I am so sorry you had to be haunted by that costume so long.

  6. Mary Roya permalink

    I think every costume I ever wore was bad. Being a fat kid, no one really wanted to be around and of course I was shy. So I quit. But I did enjoy the candy….still do.

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