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Scary Movies for Cuddling

by on October 8, 2012

I love scary movies! There is an amazing adrenaline rush created from a well-crafted movie in which the only outcomes available to the characters are Life or horrific death. Mix that in with a chase scene where a character narrowly escapes the thing pursuing him / her through a dimly lit parking garage, a darkened crumbling house, a moonlit garden labyrinth overgrown with thorns and weeds, etc…and once upon a time, you would have found me holding out my money with a packet of candy stashed in my pocket for the first ticket.

However, I no longer watch scary movies in theaters. It’s a little embarrassing to have the people around you jumping in their seats not because of what’s on the screen but because of your high-pitched yelp. (I could really do voiceovers for screaming!) I also tend to cry when I’m scared…so yeah; I’ll do that in the comfort of my own home with just my hubby laughing at me.

This brings me to the other reason I love scary movies – he cuddles with me.

So try snuggling up with some of my favorite scary movies this Halloween season:

The Exorcist – The classic of the 1970s. Not as visually stimulating as the movies of today but it still gives me chills. Perhaps it’s the years of Catholic schooling in which someone would ask about exorcisms in religion class. The nun or brother would say, “Is this because of that movie?” and move quickly on to the next topic. I always suspected that the student was put on some sort of list and the priest would be making a visit to his or her home for an investigation.

PoltergeistHomebuyer Hell. Why didn’t they move when their children were scooting around the floor pulled by an invisible force? Hello! That has nothing to do with the house settling. Don’t get me wrong. I was scared as all heck throughout the entire movie, but really? I don’t need “TV people” to let me know it’s time to go.

1408 – Great movie for the “there’s no such thing as ghosts” crowd. A skeptical author checks into a haunted room on purpose to prove it’s not haunted. Now if Samuel L. Jackson is offering me drinks and telling me not to do something in his commanding voice, then I’m not doing it.

Cloverfield – This movie throws in the added factor of hysterical desperation. You’re stuck on the island of New York in complete darkness with millions of other people and monsters are destroying it. Where do you go?

30 Days of Night – Snuggle up tight with this one. Vampires ravage a desolate Alaskan town during the thirty days of night and they’re not following the vampire rules. You can’t count on your crosses or your garlic and did I mention there’s thirty days with no sunlight?  One of my favorite lines from the stranger who appears in the town – “That cold ain’t from the weather…death is approaching.” (Kudos to the writer for some awesome foreshadowing.)

Let me know if I’ve hit upon some of the scariest movies or if I’m just a big wuss.


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  1. Scary movies are definitely good for snuggling. I don’t watch a lot of them, but when I do they have to be really good. I haven’t seen The Exorcist or Cloverfield. 30 Days of Night is just one more reason not to move to Alaska. And when The Ring came out, I was soooo glad I didn’t have a landline.

    • I’ve never seen The Ring, I’ll have to check it out. After 30 Days of Night, I rethought my cabin in Alaska idea!

  2. I have always been terrified of scary movies and I will still watch them. Though one’s like Exorcist and the Omen I have issues with and won’t watch.


    • I can’t watch all scary movies either. I have to have a clear understanding of what I’m getting into, first.

      • nikkiprince permalink

        I will watch no matter what then be terrified. lol

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