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Lets talk Witches starting with a Florida Legend…

by on October 6, 2012

*Wiccademous – The Infamous Floridian Witch

There is a legend known in Florida as the Legend of Wiccademous’ Grave. The story goes that a young teenage girl was accused of practicing witchcraft in a town near Fernandino, Florida. This supposedly happened back in the 1700’s, though this area of Florida was not settled at this point, so there are definitely some inconsistencies with the legend. However, the tale is one that frightens Florida’s youth and keeps the high school students near the spot of her grave from traipsing off during school hours.

Some of the beliefs circulating the Amelia Island area state that Wiccademous lost her life due to her craft practices and is supposedly buried in a part of the woods, behind the Fernandino High School. Kids have gone exploring through the woods, in search for Wiccademous Grave and have had many frightening experiences. Some kids claimed that they were “held” in place by an invisible force…something that was not physically manifested but was so powerful that they were all literally frozen in place. Others say that the wooded area was a meeting place for witches back in the 1700’s and this is the reason for the mysterious and ominous events surrounding the forest.

Whether Wiccademous ever lived or whether the woods are haunted, I could not say for sure but you could ask many locals if they believe in the curse of Wiccademous’ grave and they will tell you that it is without a doubt a real thing.

~This legend was taken from the book Dark Lore and other Florida Legends by E.V. Copage~

Now, I’m not sure if Florida ever had an actual witch but it was fun to to find the tidbit above. Now, I do believe in the supernatural  and no, I’m not talking about the show. You see, my very first formative years were spent in the mountains and valleys of Pennsylvania  at my grandmothers knee. There, I heard stories about  Hoodoo, ghosts, witches and curses. There were even a few rumbles from neighbors about my grandma and her sisters, go figure.

Then culture shock abounded when I was moved to Miami. Let me tell you South Florida has its own spin on the mystical forces.  While living  there I hung out with Voodoo and Santeria practitioners and no they are not the same. The two religions are extremely different though they originate from the same base of African beliefs. I know this because I have been fortunate and trusted enough to attend ceremonies so yes, I speak from experience.

Given the different backgrounds I’ve been exposed to. I find that I love the diversity of the paranormal stories. Believe it or not those legends usually have a nugget of truth at their base. What’s even more fun for me, of course, is reading about those legends on a dark night with a glass of wine only to jump when something goes “BUMP!”

Now, I tell you this because I wanted to give you some insight as to how I came up with Spells Gone Wild. I have another release coming out this month but that’s another story for another blog post. That book gives me chills while this one…Spells…makes me chuckle. After all what would you do if you accidentally turned someone into a toad? Allow me to introduce you to Kezia Smythe, a witch in the loosest of terms and her accidental spell casting.

Spells Gone Wild
An erotic short released through Evernight Publishing on 10/18


Everything was coasting along until Kezia accidentally turned Doreen into a toad. Her neighbors already have a hard time dealing with her, if they find out she’s a witch, albeit a bad one, well, all bets will be off…

Oh, the woes of dealing with future in-laws.

Dominic knew Kezia was different but he is determined to marry her. Nothing is ever normal with her but on the day of Halloween she’s acting a little stranger than usual. On top of that his mother,Doreen, is missing…

Some days it’s just better to stay in bed. One way or another Kezia has to fix her problem or lose the man she loves. And do it before Halloween ends.

Hot Excerpt ~

With a flick of his fingers he freed the button from the hole and eased the zipper down. Pleasure rolled through him in waves at her choice of undergarments. His Christmas present to her from the previous year, a red and black lace thong covered her mons. He licked his tongue across his bottom lip, and dipping his thumbs into the waistbands of both her jeans and panties, he yanked them below her ass. Her soft palms slid from his dick as he gripped her by the waist and flipped her around.

“Touch your toes baby.” He stepped away from her, watching as she shimmied out of her pants. Pulling them from her legs, she dropped them next to her. His cock bobbed and throbbed from the show she was putting on.

Kezia skimmed her hands over her hips, working her way down her legs. She wrapped her digits around slim ankles and shook her ass. His gaze followed the jiggle of her twin cheeks. He caught movement out of his peripheral vision and watched entranced as she swept her hands up the back of her legs and slowly pulled her cheeks apart. The dark curls, trimmed short around her pussy, glistened with her desire.
He met her stare through the gap of her legs. She smiled. “Want some? Come and get it.”
Dominic dropped his pants and walked out of them. He glided a palm down the column of her spine, then grabbed her hip with one hand and the base of his member with the other. In one stroke he slid his dick into her moist channel. She walked her hands up the wall in front of her to avoid to being pushed into it. He thrust deep, his fingers sinking into the soft skin of her pelvis. Her head fell forward, and her hair tumbled out of the loose ponytail she’d placed it in. His balls slapped her skin, and his sack drew up tight into hard stones.

She splayed her palms flat on the wall and locked her arms straight as he pushed her up on her toes with every drive. His grunts followed her raucous wails. He slithered a hand around her hip and pressed his fingers through her moist curls to pinch her hard little bud between his digits. Her body bowed in an inverted arch. She threw her head up and her hair swept her back as she cried out to the ceiling. He plunged as far as his shaft would go in her pulsating passage, then  out to just the tip of his cock. He pounded on her pussy, dipping deep on every stroke. Then she shoved back, and his dick was sucked into her pussy like a vacuum, her  channel undulating around him. His orgasm erupted, and he saw stars.


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  1. Sizzle. I forget all about my comment regarding the witch after reading the excerpt. *gulps water*

  2. Interesting. I love lores and legends like this one. Steamy excerpt! Congrats on those releases.

  3. I love stories about witches and great excerpt!

  4. Dahlia DeWinters permalink

    I love an accidental witch story. Also, local legends add such flavor to locations, especially around this time of year

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