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Still Playing Dress Up

by on October 4, 2012

ImageSo this thing called Halloween, it happens to be one of my favorite holidays. What other time of the year can a person dress up and be anything they want. This doesn’t include the romance/sci-fi/comic/fet conferences either. Did I miss a conference? If I did I apologize.

As a kid Halloween was definitely my favorite holiday. I was everything from a pilgrim, and a clown to Raggedy Ann and some superhero I can’t quite remember. Now when it comes to dress up for Halloween, the imagination runs wild and I can pick pretty costumes and not worry about the cost,

So lately I’ve focused on period costumes. Renaissance area dresses and such. I really need to stop watching movies with Lords, ladies and queens. 🙂 And that led to making costumes one year. I know. What was I thinking, right?

They were easy costumes, a poodle skirt, a sexy barmaid, red riding hood, the mad hatter, a king, a peasant woman and a lady and they were all completed within a three week time frame. Every one was happy with their costumes and they can be worn again and again.

What’s your favorite costume past or present?


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  1. Dahlia DeWinters permalink

    I’d have to say my favorite costume is the bobbysoxer I did when I was still teaching. My soon to be husband was a “greaser”. I had the saddle shoes, ponytail and even the cat’s eye glasses. I persuaded hubs to wear a Fonzie type wig. The students loved it.

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I love saddle shoes and have a pair in my closet. 🙂

  3. I just bought a costume …a witch costume to be exact that I am excited about. It’s black and purple and has the coolest hat that I got to go with it. I am o excited.

  4. My favorite costume was Wonder Woman. I was three. It was the last time I trick or treated as a kid. 😦 But…if I had a good reason, I’d dress up as Wonder Woman again, age be damned!

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