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Raven McAllan talks about some of her Firsts and teases us with a tidbit from her new release.

by on September 20, 2012

Raven McAllan is our guest today and she is talking all about her firsts. Check out her interview below and she was kind enough to give us a tease about her new release. Yet something else to add to my TBR pile.

1. What inspired you write your first completed work?
Chocolate. Seriously I won a competition when I was about 8. But as an adult? To see if I could. It was rubbish, but I finished it. A classic case of writing as I thought I should not as I could.

2. Tell us about the first time you had a story published?
How did that feel? Amazing, I laughed, cried, worried no one would like it. Kept looking at it on the net, and thinking, my goodness that is me.

3. Was your first review favorable or critical? What did you learn from it?
Favorable, swiftly followed by a critical one. I soon realized any review is subjective, we all like and dislike different things, which is how it should be. Some people offer very constructive criticism, others don’t. Don’t take it personally, even when it seems so.

4. What are some of the challenges you face as a writer?
People actually accepting I do work at it, and I don’t sit playing on Facebook all day. That I can’t drop everything to do a,b, c, I have deadlines. It is my job. one I love but nevertheless, one I have responsibilities to.

5. What is your motto for your writing?
You can you know.

6. For writers just starting out: Do you have a favorite quotation to share?
Write as you can not as you think you should

7. When reading a book, what tells you it’s going to be a “good story”?
Now I’m a writer myself, if I find myself correcting the grammar, noticing head hops or oh oft-repeated words, I find myself paying more attention to those than the story, so I guess you say, one that doesn’t have the above in it.

8. Do you have any interesting things you like to do while reading said good book?
Preferably, be in the sun, with a glass of wine and my other half.

As promised, here is the tease  to The Baronet’s Blackout Bombshell.

Your past has a habit of catching up with you. Bare-assed, climbing a wall, would be one of those times, naturally.

Chrissie thought her humiliation was complete when Baronet Archie called off their engagement. However, meeting him again, when she is attempting to break back into her temporary residence, takes embarrassment to new heights. Will he turn her in to her boss or do the gentlemanly thing and look the other way? Archie has never forgotten his little bombshell. Being so visibly reminded of her attributes makes him determined to atone for his past mistakes.

There is nothing quite like a war going on to remind you that life is short and there for the taking. Can Archie convince Chrissie he’s here to stay, or will circumstances drive them apart once more?

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  1. This sounds like a great read. I will be adding it to my TBR. Thanks for stopping by. Nikki

  2. Glad you like the idea. I’ve been away with no net, so I’m sorry I took so long to reply.

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