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Surf Break with Jillian Chantal

by on September 11, 2012

Thanks to Lynn for letting me drop in on you all today to chat about my new short story release. It’s called Surf Break. I live in a beach town and am a big fan of surfers and waves and all things beachy. We here on the gulf coast of Florida have the best sands- called sugar-white for a reason. They can be blindingly bright on a super sunny day. If you ever get a chance to come down, you’ll enjoy it. And if you do get down this way, call me and we’ll and hang out in the sunshine!


One of the best places on Pensacola Beach to get a hamburger is Surf Burger. They have a wonderful secret sauce and their hula fries are to die for.


The restaurant is built on stilts and you can eat inside or out. The deck overlooks the bay and it’s such a neat place to dine. You can wear a bathing suit, be covered in sand or covered by a sarong or even a muu-muu. You can even be barefoot. No worries.

The heroine in my story has taken a summer job at a restaurant similar to my favorite one. She’s using the money to pay for a little cottage right on the water. She used to surf professionally and left the sport after a bad divorce.


While at work, she meets a sexy cop named Pete.  Determined to avoid men, she admires him from afar but pulls away when he approaches her. Pete is tenacious and doesn’t back down. This little story is their adventure on the beach one hot summer.


Thanks again to my hostess, W.Lynn Chantale,  for letting me come by.


Book trailer:

Blurb: Her past life as a professional surfer comes back to the fore when Juliette Mackey spends her summer break surfing the Gulf of Mexico. She left the pro-circuit when her former husband broke her heart. Returning to her beach roots, she signs on to work part time at a local burger joint to have the funds to rent a cottage on the shore. While working there, she meets a local cop named Pete Schwartz who is determined to let the world know about her surfing skills and force the younger crowd to acknowledge her gifts.

Attracted to Pete but wary of risking her heart again, Juliette resists Pete’s advances and wants no part of his plans to have her display her surf skills. It’s a battle of wills that Pete is determined to win. More importantly, he’s on a mission to break the wall Juliette has built around her heart.

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  1. The weather is getting cooler the tourists will be gone, it’s going to be time to take a trip to the beach soon. This story is totally on my must read list. =)

  2. Hey Jillian. It’s so good to have you here today. I can’t wait to make another trip to Florida and take in all that beautiful scenery. Can’t wait to dive into this book.

  3. It is lovely here all year, Darlene, and you’re right, the fall is the best time.

    Thanks again, Lynn for having me pop in today. Come on down to my spot of paradise, I’ll buy you a burger.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book. I am adding it to my TBR. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. It looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the post…

  6. Sounds like a great story, another for the TBR pile that just keeps growing.

  7. Rosanna Leo permalink

    Sounds super hot!! Congrats!!

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