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Sweet Little Lies

During the editing process one of the editors left a comment saying and I’m paraphrasing here, Everybody’s lying. I don’t see how this could lead to a happy ending. I got a chuckle outta this, because that’s the point. There are lies being told by the heroes and at times the heroine.

Of course I had to borrow from real life events. Remember that old adage, “write what you know?” Well I finally understand what that means. It doesn’t necessary mean a profession, but the life that you are well acquainted with. I know a lot about lies and betrayal. About second chances and love enduring. About heartache and despair. And of course those sweet little lies that we want to believe.

So here’s a glimpse at Sex, Lies and Joysticks releasing from Loose Id on September 9.


For the first time in a long time, Randa Arnold is happy beyond measure. She has the love of her husband, Linc and her paramour Matteo. After the fulfillment of a mutual sex fantasy and an unbelievable night of passion her world is turned upside down. 

Lincoln never expected his wife to fall in love with another man, even though he knew that was a possibility. He loves his wife, but just can’t wrap his mind around her emotionally attached to someone else, so he does the only thing he can, he forces Matteo to leave.

Forcing Matteo to leave has some unexpected consequences. Randa is despondent, yet keeps a brave face. This only intensifies Linc’s sense of guilt. If that weren’t enough, someone is threatening his wife. His only chance at redemption and to get to the bottom of the threat is to bring Matteo back. Only one problem, the man can’t be found.


The woman shifted, bringing her knees together. Before they closed completely, her partner wedged his elbow to keep her open and exposed. He turned then and, even from that distance, locked gazes with Matteo.

Caught. Yet there was no malice in the dark brown irises, just amusement and a silent challenge. Matteo straightened his spine. That was one challenge he was willing to accept.

He moved through the crowd, sidestepping and gently shoving some individuals from his path until he stood an arm’s length from his prize.

“Took you long enough.” The man chuckled.

“There are so many distractions at this party. It’s hard to focus, Linc.” Matteo moved closer, sliding his fingers over the satiny material of the woman’s dress. “My little vixen.”

She offered a pretty pout. “You found it hard to focus on me?” Randa tilted her head to the side, her hair sliding over her shoulder.

Matteo studied her. Her silvery eyes were a little bright, her pupils dilated, and she bit her bottom lip against the sigh easing out of her mouth. Linc must’ve reached her pussy and was stroking her. Matteo longed to do the same thing.

Instead Matteo threaded his fingers through her hair, gripping the tresses until she parted her lips, and drank the sigh from her mouth. She briefly resisted, lifting her hands to place it on his chest. The heat of her palms bled through his cotton shirt and singed the skin beneath.

Matteo kept the kiss demanding, not giving her time to breathe but only to accept his raw dominance, the explosive hunger he held for her, the only woman to ever draw responses from him.

He knew the exact moment she submitted; Randa curled her fingers in his shirt and pulled him closer. Deepening the kiss, he swept inside her mouth and then dragged his tongue over her lips, teeth, and finally dueled with her tongue for supremacy.

Randa made a small noise in the back of her throat. He tugged her hair and placed a hand at the base of her neck. Her pulse beat a frantic staccato against his palm. He wanted to take her now, hard and fast. Bury balls-deep and let her hot, tight cunt milk him dry…and then do it all over again.

“Now, Matteo.”

Linc’s voice reached him through a haze. Reluctantly, Matteo drew back. Randa stared at him through half-closed lids. Her lips were swollen and glistened from his kisses.

“She’s practically drenching the stool,” Lincoln said with reverence.

A blush bloomed across Randa’s cheeks, and she ducked her head. Very gently Matteo pressed two fingers beneath her chin and lifted until she stared into his eyes.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

A Luscious Post ~ Duty, Honor, Courage by RJ Cree



Excerpt ~

It was after a particularly stressful day at work that Danica made the decision to visit Andrew. He had been able to get Danica an on-base pass for when she wanted to visit him. She drove onto the base and as usual seeing the parades going on put a smile on her face. She had a key that he’d given her if she felt like she needed to get away from her place, or if anyone was bothering her. She hadn’t used it before without giving him a call but she knew that he fully expected her to use the key whenever she wanted. Turning off the car she got out and made her way to his room. Once she was in front of the door she found her set of keys and opened the door.

As she walked in she was immediately assaulted by a foul odor. The distant sound of the shower could be heard so she knew Andrew was showering, but the odor was coming from his uniform, which was neatly folded, on a chair in the middle of the room. The uniform smelled like a gym locker and she coughed loudly as the stench hit her throat. The smell assaulted her senses and she couldn’t help the way her hand found her nose as she almost gagged. She’d never realized how badly he needed the shower until she was in the room smelling his uniform first hand.

Andrew heard the cough while he was in the shower and snapped his head around. He turned off the water and grabbed a towel. He wrapped it around himself and stalked out of the shower not realizing Danica was in the room. His eyes bugged out, and when she saw him her eyes also bulged. She stared for a long while before he got a quirky smile on his face. “Enjoying the view?” he asked crossing his arms. Danica felt the blush spread along her cheeks and turned away.

She had indeed enjoyed the view, but he didn’t need to know that. “Umm … hi Andrew … I uh … just wanted to say hi and see you,” she squeaked out.

“It’s okay.” Andrew chuckled and went back into the bathroom to dry off. He made sure he was good and dry, then put on his running shorts. He walked out with the towel over his shoulders and saw Danica still standing there turned away from him. He realized she was blushing and decided to clear the air, literally. He took his uniform and put it in the closet, then took out a bottle of fabric spray for the smell, and sprayed it down. He also grabbed a can of aerosol spray to get the stench out of the room and sprayed liberally. Once done, he turned and looked at her. A smug smile came to his face when he realized that she was still covering her nose.

“Well, hope it doesn’t stink so much for you now,” he said. Danica sighed and shook her head. When she got her composure back she turned towards him and the first thing that caught her eye was the tattoo along his midsection. The words “Duty, Honor, Courage” were boldly emblazoned along his abs. Thoughts of her tongue running along his abs made her mouth dry. Unconsciously her tongue tried to moisten her lips. Her legs started to shake a bit as she took in his firm chest and shoulder muscles. She’d always admired his muscled form through clothes but shirtless she was mesmerized. “Well you’ve seen me, now what?” he asked joking as he walked back into the bathroom.

“Dinner?” she blurted out after getting back her ability to speak.

“Let me get dressed then,” he said. “Be out in a sec.” Danica walked out of the room and onto the balcony leaving the door opened to air out the smell of locker room and canned flowers. Her face was hot and she was glad for her dark complexion but she could tell the blush was there. She giggled as she waited on the balcony of the barracks. Danica had a pleasant smile on her face when Andrew returned to the room. He had dressed in a nice pair of khaki slacks with a red button up shirt.

One of the things Andrew took pride in was his appearance, and when with her he always wanted to look good. Danica was no slouch in the looking good department either. Her toned body and generous curves were encased in a light pink blouse and black skirt. She took the arm offered her by him and they walked down the walkway to their cars. “Andrew, I don’t mean to be rude, but what was that smell in your room?” she asked not wanting to be impolite. “That, my dear, is the lingering aroma of sixty one recruits. They get two showers a day, but they still reek,” Andrew said as they began to walk down the steps.

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Wednesday’s Pot Luck Recipe. Banana Pudding Cake

I can not take credit for the recipe. It was sent to me by my sister so I have not had the chance to makes it and I have no idea where she found the recipe. That’s being said it looks really good and I will be attempting to make this Masterpiece for Labor Day. If you make it, please give a shout out and let us know how it turned out.

Banana Pudding Cake

BP Cake


2 sticks butter, softened
1 3/4 cups sugar
3 eggs + 2 egg whites
3 tsp vanilla
3 cups all-purpose flour
3 1/2 tsp baking powder
One 1.34oz box banana pudding mix
1 cup milk

Filling: Whisk together the following ingredients and refrigerate until assembling cake (~10minutes).

One 1.34oz box vanilla pudding mix
1 1/4 cups milk
1 cup Cool Whip (or whipped cream)

To brush on layers: Mix together the following:

1 Tbsp sweetened condensed milk
1 Tbsp milk

You’ll also need:

2-3 medium ripe bananas
3-4 cups Cool Whip for frosting

Step 1: Make the cake

Preheat oven to 350 F. Prep three 8″ round pans by lining the bottom only with parchment paper. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Slowly beat in eggs and egg whites, one at a time. Beat in vanilla until well combined.
In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and pudding mix. Add into wet ingredients in three separate additions, mixing until just combined. Don’t over mix!
Stir in milk until combined. Divide batter and pour into pans. Bake 22-25 minutes or until cake is golden and begins to pull away from sides of pans.
Allow cake to cool 15 minutes in pan. Loosen and remove from pan. Allow to cool another 1-2 hours on a wire rack.

Step 2: Begin layering

Level each cake. Place first layer on cake plate. Brush with a little milk mixture.

Line banana slices on top of cake. Spread 1/3-1/2 of the filling mix on top of bananas.

Place next cake layer on top of filling. Repeat with milk mix, filling, and final layer.

Step 3: Frost

This is the fun part. Frost with Cool Whip and decorate as you wish. I crushed some mini Nilla wafers and spread on top. Then used the wafers along the sides.

Whew! Sounds super complicated, but it was simple to make. You may also want to put some Nilla wafers in between the layers. You know, if you’re feeling extra fancy and decadent.

Very important!!: Store this cake in the fridge!! Lots of perishable ingredients. You’ve been warned, so I’m off the hook if you don’t refrigerate and get sick.

Finally Arrived – Covington, LA

margarita cocktailWelcome home to me! Well across the lake from what was home.

After six months of looking for a job in Dallas, the family and I have moved back to Louisiana and the search continues. However, being back has given me some new ideas for settings and situations and names.

On my ten hour trip, I passed through towns with names like Hideaway and Waskom and Many (pronounced manny). Then of course we drove through the Atchafalaya region. Then there were the people we met with names like Abner and Lucile and Shannie. (You just don’t hear names like that anymore.)

So I got up to pen this post before I start to unpack, just to say that I’m excited about the new stories I’ll write.

Have a wonderful Friday!


A Luscious Feature ~ Midnight Guard by Laurel Cremant


Blurb ~
Book 4 in the Best Selling Golden Pack Alphas serial

The ties that bind…After a traumatic event, Georgia and Marcus have become tied in unexpected ways. Georgia must come to terms with her actions and her new connection to Marcus, even as the threat of outside forces press in.

Marcus wants nothing more than to keep Georgia close and explore the bond they share. However, convincing her that trust and love go hand in hand takes time their current danger doesn’t allow.

With time running out, new alliances are made, new secrets revealed and enemies exposed in this explosive installment of The Golden Pack Alphas.

Note: This story unfolds across multiple installments.

Excerpt ~
Marcus heard the confusion and fear in her voice. Her secrets didn’t surprise him, but the extent to which she was willing to go through to keep them, shocked him. She’d been doing more than hiding herself, she’d locked away everything that she was behind some wall. If she continued along the same path, it would destroy her and he couldn’t allow that to happen.“Maybe it’s time for you to lose a little more control,” he said.

“Control is all I have,” she said softly.

“Not anymore.”The soft chime of his cell phone down the hall, drifted into the room. She shifted in his arms and pushed him away, trying to sit up.“Ignore it,” he said puling her back down to him.

“No. We have suspects to interrogate and a pack to rule remember? It’s time to get back to reality,” she said.She rolled to the edge of the mattress and dropped her legs down to the floor.

Her smooth back curved down to the rounded curve of her ass. He watched the gentle sway of her hips as she stood and made her way to the door.“That’s where you’re wrong,” he told her retreating back, “We never left it.”

Her shoulders stiffened and she paused on the threshold to the hall.“Maybe,” she said, “but some things are better left forgotten.”

With a low growl, He was across the room in an instant pressing her against the wall. She didn’t fight his hold and met his angry gaze with an icy look of her own. His pulse raced at the fire in her eyes. Her strength was both a turn on and source of frustration. She may say she wanted to forget last night but he knew better. Even with her eyes flashing up at him, her body softened and molded against his.“I’d believe you if I didn’t have your mark on my neck and the memory of your pussy coming all over my cock,” he whispered to her.

“You’re letting your ego show again, Marcus,” she said, tilting her chin up and firming her jaw.“No. Unlike like you, I don’t hide who I am or what I want. You’re mine Georgia Walker. You have been from the beginning. You can’t turn back time and you sure as hell can’t pretend you weren’t with me every step of the way in that bed. We’re in this together and I’ll make damn sure you don’t forget that,” he said.

Cupping her face in his hands, he slammed his lips down onto hers. He swallowed her cry of anger, and swept his tongue into the sweet cavern of her mouth. He expected her to push him away, but her hands twined around his neck and held him close.Groaning, he ran his hands down her sides and gripped her hips, pulling her against him. His cock was hard and swollen between them. He ground his hips against her, and with a moan, she jumped up and wrapped her long legs around his hips. Her hot sex rubbed against him testing his control. Wrenching his lips away—he ended the kiss

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Brownie Fudge

4 squares (1oz. each) unsweetened chocolate

1 c. butter or margarine

2 c. sugar

4 eggs

1 c. all purpose flour

1 c. chopped walnuts

2 tsp vanilla

Preheat over to 350 degrees. Butter a 13×9 in pan. Melt chocolate and butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until completely melted. Cool. In a large bowl beat sugar and eggs until fluffy.Gradually whisk chocolate mixture into egg mixture. Stir in flour, walnuts, and vanilla. Spread batter in prepared pan. Bake 25-35 minutes or just until set. Do not overbake. Remove brownies from oven. Immediately pour topping over hot brownies. Cool in pan on wire rack. Place in freezer until firm. Cut into 1-inch squares.

Makes about 9 dozen brownies

Fudge Topping

41/2 c. sugar

1/3 c. butter

1 can (12oz) evaporated milk

1 jar (7oz) marshmallow creme

1 pkg (12oz) semisweet chocolate chips

1 pkg (12oz) milk chocolate chips

2 tsp vanilla

2 c. walnuts

Combine sugar, butter and milk in large saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat; boil 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; add remaining ingredients except walnuts. Beat until smooth. Stir in walnuts.

Burning Down My House…

Image courtesy of think4photop at

Image courtesy of think4photop at

Have you ever heard the saying burning down my house won’t make yours look better? One of the things we as authors need to realize in the grand scheme of things we’re not in competition with each other. We’re not. Readers are insatiable. Sure on any given day a person may choose your book over mine or vice versa… but the other might just end up on their wish list for their next payday.

So why do some authors feel the need to boycott other’s work? They angrily tout why this book or that is not worth a reader’s hard earned money. A bad book isn’t against the law and it’s not your place to defend a reader against it. Let the readers decide that. They know what they like and what they don’t. Trust me, they will… or they won’t either way, they can still support your work. Whether it’s 50 Shade of any color, Sex with extinct reptiles or an author that’s pissed you off on social media let them be. Angry rants may get you a handful of supporters, but you’ll end up losing in the end.

This doesn’t mean you have to share and endorse every book put out there. Make your endorsements from your heart. Make them true. The most successful writers are the ones who not only read… but let people know what they enjoyed. If they enjoy your work, they’ll probably like what you like. You may make fans or better yet friends. Either way, put down the matchbook and gasoline, because no matter what you say about another’s books or themselves isn’t going to make your book better. It won’t make yours shoot to the top of the list.

Success can only happen if you look inside yourself and admit that you might need to pull out the lawnmower and cut your grass. Or a new coat of paint could make your house brighter and maybe… just maybe if you throw a barb-b-q and invite the neighbors then suddenly your home will glow and become the place everyone wants to be.


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