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Scary Movies that Made Me Laugh


It’s October, the time of the year where I watch scary movies either early in the morning, or from behind my husband’s shoulder at night.  But there are some movies that are so ridiculously silly they can’t even scare me.  I mean, really, Leprechaun?

The Killer Shrews

Just the title.  Killer.  Shrews.  At first glance, one would think it’s about a bunch of loud women on a killing spree, which you gotta admit, would be a lot scarier.  No, this movie is about actual shrews and how they kill. Oh, and making them GIANT shrews does not amp up the terror.

I first saw this movie on Mystery Science Theatre 3k, which took any potential scariness right out of the picture.


The GingerDEAD Man

Man, I’m laughing at the damn trailer.  And Gary Busey.  Why not just throw a glass of milk on this b*tch?  Shoot, water worked for those aliens in Signs and I was way more scared by them!

The Wicker Man – Remake with Nicolas Cage

Nicolas. Cage.  Need any more be said?  Between his scary hair, amped up acting and…running around in a bear suit…I stared at the screen with my mouth half open with disbelief or simple shock.  A ridiculous movie.

 The Shaft – with Naomi Watts

This movie is about a killer elevator.  Enough said.  Also, Ron Perlman is in it.




What are some of your favorite “scary” movies that make you laugh? I could use a few more to add to my collection so leave them in the comments.  Boo!!


A Luscious Look ~ Underneath It All (Storm Series #2) by Cassandra Carr

Underneath-It-All-Print-CoverAlso in PRINT.


Professional hockey player Rob D’Amico is confused when he’s chosen to take part in a reading program for inner-city students. While athletes are role models, he tends toward the gregarious and playful side, rather than a studious bent.

Despite the lack of funding plaguing her inner-city district, every day, kindergarten teacher Alaina Rossa ensures her students learn something to prepare them for life. At first, she’s unsure how a hockey player will help her achieve that goal.

When Rob visits Alaina’s class for the first time, the kids welcome him with open arms, despite the lack of even the basic supplies for their education. He takes it upon himself to get the students what they need, sweeping Alaina up in the excitement.

As time goes by and she learns more about Rob, Alaina finds her heart opening to him. Is it possible her soul mate could be found in a world so different from her own? As for Rob, the last person he thought he’d find love with was an elementary school teacher wearing clothes permanently stained with finger paint. But when you’re playing for keeps, sometimes you have to get a little dirty.

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Potluck Wednesdays Recipe – Cold Fighting Strawberry -Banana Smoothie

Lately I have been on a smoothie kick. In an effort to get in all my fruits and vegetables I have been making smoothies or as my brother corrected me “juicing” them. I usually have one for breakfast with toast. Slowly I have been creating my own recipes and I finally got one down pat that I like and in my opinion is actually beneficial and good tasting. All the ingredients can be found in the grocery store and you must have a blender with a puree setting. Let me now what you think.


This recipe makes 1 serving


1 medium banana (cut up)

7 or 8 frozen strawberries (I pic up a bag of them in the frozen section of the grocery store)

1 teaspoon of honey (good for colds)

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon (also great for colds but should only be taken when mixed with liquid)

1/4 cup of kale (ruffage)

1 cup of Sugar Free Ocean Spray Cranberry Grape juice.



Drop or pour everything into the blender.

Blend on Puree for 45 seconds – check to make sure everything is mixed. If not…

Blend for an additional 30 seconds.

Pour in a glass and enjoy.



A Luscious Release – Now in Print – Operation Wedding Crash by Sandra Sookoo


Blurb ~


Until death—or a secret—make them part.

Nora “Can’t Say No” Lenhart’s life is way past complicated. To add stress to everything, she’s just been appointed maid of honor for the upcoming wedding of the World’s Worst Boss and her ex is the best man. Looks like she’ll need to buy stock in an antacid company and try her best to ditch the green-eyed monster of wedding envy.

Camden Webber is an FBI agent with a massive chip on his shoulder—namely not being able to forget the woman whose usual inability to say no didn’t keep her from shooting down his proposal five years before. Though he has jaded views on weddings and marriage, Cam agrees to stand at his best friend’s side.

When Nora and Camden are thrown together at an engagement dinner, despite their tumultuous romantic history, they devise a plan to break up the ill-suited bride and groom. As the big day nears, emotions hit a breaking point, proving that wedding planning is more suited to a reality show and while happy endings are optional, they exist amidst the rubble, if the couple looks hard enough.


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Autumn Leaves Bring Memories

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Autumn, is my favorite time of year. I love the chilly air, the sweet scent of decaying oak leaves, and watching the miasma of color from the leaves floating down the street during a rainstorm. It’s a river of spices sprinkling down from the trees.

This may be the result of living on a corner lot, when I was a child, with a number of different trees in the yard.

I love trees.

Now as an adult, I’ve planted over twenty trees in my yard. And in 2005, after my father died, my husband purchased a cranberry tree in his memory. So now my father is always in my garden and the tree is loaded with berries feeding the birds, something he did all the time.

So although this season may appear gloomy and dank at times, find the joy in the moment. And while you’re there, pick up a book and take an adventure.

Eighteen and counting

It seems appropriate that I got a blog on the eighteenth. It’s been eighteen years since I started dating my husband. Eighteen is a magical number in our society. It’s the age when we are considered an adult. Historically we leave the home or finish your last year of high school. Either way it’s the culmination of your youth.

Now how does this relate me dating my husband? Simple. My relationship is officially grown up. Trust me this was something I never saw coming. We’ve had our growing pains. Especially in those pesky tween and teen years, but somehow we’re old enough now to vote, drink and get tattoos.

We all remember infancy when everything was new and cool. You wanted to smell, taste and feel everything. For the first few months you can’t see past two feet. You want to be held and snuggled. Yes… we all know those lust filled early stages of falling in love. Slowly new friends are introduced and you adapt to your surroundings. Learning to get along and discovering new activities you would have never tried if someone else hadn’t brought you there.

As we grow we discover new things find new passions, but do so with support. Raging against each other, but still returning to the one person that loves us most. Now since I’m a grown–up it seems as if my husband and I are setting out on a new journey, just like when I left home and went to college. True, we have a kid who just entered high school so as he finds autonomy we seem to be too. New adventures are around every corner and much like when I went off to college the world around me is what I make of it. I’m ready to take chances once again. In my writing I’ll be trying new genres and attempting to push myself. And isn’t that what an eighteen year old should do?

I’ve graduated, I’ve achieved something most don’t anymore. My parents for the most part didn’t make it this long. In my relationship we’re taking steps and setting out in the world. We have the maturity of an adult mixed with the adventurous spirit of a teenager. What could make a relationship better than that?

How Do You Scare?

And here we are again. Do you have plans for Halloween? We’re doing the standard fair around here. Well not quite standard. There’s an event at our church a Trunk or Treat, and then the older kids are going to take the younger ones out trick or treating. As if anyone will need more candy after that.

If you don’t like going out on Halloween, how about a scary story?

Hoping to rekindle the sizzle in their marriage, Harmony Evans plans a romantic getaway. A secluded cabin at Juniper Lake resort is the perfect place to seduce his wife and if he can get in a little ghost hunting, even better.

Jade is more than happy to spend the weekend getting reacquainted with Harmony, without the ghosts, but when their cabin appears haunted and the spectral inhabitant shoves their belongings to the door, she figures it’s time to leave.

No one told them Juniper Lake had a sordid past complete with a serial killer and its own host of earthbound spirits. When the other guests begin to die, the best they can hope for is to survive the night. With a sadistic killer on the loose and bodies piling up, romance will take a backseat to murder.

The hairs at the nape of her neck lifted and Jade paused in chopping the stalk of celery for soup. She had the sensation of someone standing behind her. Breath, warm and a little wet, fluttered her hair.

Floorboards creaked and something brushed her shoulder. She gripped the knife handle tighter and whirled, brandishing the blade in front of her.


Her heart raced and she sucked in a breath to steady her rapid pulse. She scanned the room. Nothing was in the area that she could see, but she felt something.

She’d have dismissed her feelings as ridiculous if strange things didn’t keep happening. Like this morning, her bathrobe had been draped at the foot of her bed, but she found the garment hanging neatly in the closet along with her husband’s and he hadn’t placed it there.


She jumped. Someone was in the cabin with her. Her hands shook.

“Harmony?” Maybe he was playing a little trick on her. He knew she didn’t care for his hobby of ghost hunting, which was one reason they were in this little cabin tucked in the woods. The other reason was so they could spend time together. And he was off fishing or chasing a rabbit in the forest, while she was being…haunted.

With knife in hand she checked every room of the cabin, which didn’t take long. The cabin had open architecture, the living room flowed into the dining room and kitchen so she could stand in the living room and look into both rooms. The bedroom door stood open and if she leaned just so she could see into the bathroom. Nothing.

So why did she get the impression that someone was watching her?

She peered out the corner of her eye, hoping to catch a glimpse of what wasn’t there. A flash of light. She whipped her head to the left. Nothing.

Snap. Thud. Fingers swept down the side of her cheek while muted laughter wafted through the air.

“This isn’t funny,” she said to the empty room.

Metal scraped against metal. She hit the light switch, plunging the room in darkness. Jade fastened her gaze on the doorknob and clutched the butcher knife to her chest. She backed away, feeling for the wall with her free hand. If she had to, she could jump out the bathroom window.

A rumble of thunder rolled overhead. And that was another thing, their romantic weekend was turning into a soggy nightmare. She just wanted to go home and leave this place to its spectral inhabitants, if it was indeed haunted.

Wind shook the windows, rattling the glass in the panes. She tensed and bit back a shriek as her back brushed the wall. The fibers of the roughhewn walls grabbed at her shirt in an attempt to hold her in place. Damn Harmony and his quest to find the supernatural. Now would be the perfect time for him to be around to tell her there was no such thing as spooks.

Click clack. Her heart thudded against her ribs so loud she feared it would jump from her chest. This wasn’t the romantic weekend her husband promised her and now he wasn’t even here. Cursing the day Harmony ever brought her to this hellhole, she flexed her fingers.

The door wobbled. She sucked in a breath. Hinges creaked. Her back hit the wall.

Sweat slicked her palms. A shadow fell across the threshold.

She raised the knife.


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