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A Luscious Look at Em Petrova’s Pushin’ Buttons

Are you a lover of the show THE VOICE? Some seasons are better than others, but I’m always a fan of Adam Levine. *wink*


My brand new series, The Boot Knockers, hatched from my obsession with THE VOICE. In the show, music superstars listen to singers but they’re unable to see them perform. If they like what they hear, they push their button and fight to get that singer on his team.


The Boot Knockers Ranch is a Texas ranch where women go for help with their sex lives. Maybe they’ve never been kissed, have bad self-image, or have been dumped too many times. Once they arrive at the ranch, they see are put onstage in front of twenty cowboys, who fight for them. Having tanned hunks in worn jeans and cowboy hats vying for you would make a gal feel pretty good, wouldn’t it?


Read on for a sneak peek of my latest cowboy release PUSHIN’ BUTTONS.



“Remember, cowboys. Keep your hands in your laps and your peckers in your pants. At least until it’s time to play your part.” Hugh paced down the line of twenty cowboys and dropped a file in each man’s hands.


The manila folders held a profile sheet containing a different woman’s photo, personal information and everything that man needed to know to rock the lady’s world, Boot Knockers style.


Hugh stopped in front of Riggs Archer, his best friend and the only guy not to follow protocol in the past. “Keep your—”


Riggs tugged the brim of his hat lower to avoid Hugh’s gaze. “I know, I know. Hands in my lap. No pushing the button until my lady comes up.”


“And keep your—”


Riggs shot him a glare. “Pecker. In. Pants.”


“Thass right, Archer.” Hugh grinned and nudged his friend’s hat with his knuckles, shoving it back enough to see the smoldering sparks in Riggs’s dark eyes.


Hugh’s stomach clenched and he passed Riggs his folder to cover his reaction.


Once the information was all distributed, Hugh watched the guys flip through the paperwork. The twenty women were hand-selected by the female production manager, Isabel. She was great at matching the men’s sexual strengths to the women’s needs.


A virgin needing deflowered? Jack was her man. He’d singlehandedly popped over thirty cherries in the four years they’d been running the Boot Knockers Ranch.


Ty excelled at treating women with body dysmorphic disorder. The women who spent a week under his care—and under his muscled body—left with the confidence of a supermodel.


And Hugh…well, he wasn’t playing this hand. Twenty women. Twenty men. He only filled in when necessary. His balls clenched at the idea of a celibate week, but he could tough it out. Maybe some lady would get kinky and ask for a voyeur.


“They’re lined up backstage,” Isabel whispered, and he gave a nod of recognition.


“You heard her, boys. Get to your seats. Fight over them a little. The show’s only for the ladies, but give ’em a good one. Make them feel special, because they are.” Hugh waved his fellow Boot Knockers toward the front of the auditorium. In three minutes, the lights would dim. In five, the first woman would walk onto the stage.


She might carry scars inside or out. Either way, she was leaving the Boot Knockers Ranch as one satisfied lady. Their goal was to treat much more than sexual disorders. When the invitee left the two-hundred-acre Texas ranch, she’d be equipped to pick up where she’d just left off—embarking on new relationships and sexual journeys.


The thud of boot heels drifted away from Hugh as the guys practically ran to their seats. A new group of women…and the chase was the best part. The gals selected the cowboys they were attracted to from photographs. Though the guys were assigned to one lady, they still made it look as if they won her.


Yeah, only one woman each unless Riggs gets trigger-happy again and hits the button for a gal who wasn’t assigned to him.


Women paid to come and enjoy the Texas countryside and pampering the cowboys could provide. The Boot Knockers just happened to love helping women in a lot of ways, so they each took charge of a guest.


“Hugh, would you mind looking at this lineup?” Isabel caught his attention, and he focused on her. Petite and chestnut-haired, she did everything in her power to make him take her to bed. But it was against his personal rules. She’d had a few go’s with other cowboys, and he’d heard she was a wildcat.


He couldn’t stop the grin from twitching at the corner of his mouth. He pulled his hat lower to keep her from seeing too much. Such as how he knew she liked taking two guys at once while another plugged her mouth.


Clearing his throat, he scanned the list of women about to step onstage. Isabel had chosen well from the hundreds who applied to the Boot Knockers Ranch each year. “Looks good as always, Isabel.” He let his gaze drop low enough to make her face flush.


She waved her clipboard, fanning her warm brown hair off her round face. “Thanks, Hugh. I like to get your approval before the girls go on.”


She glanced at the stage door. Women huddled there. All shapes and sizes. Some were hurt physically, emotionally. Others fighting their way back from bloody divorces. One or two might be socially backward. And there was probably at least one virgin. Jack would be happy.


Hugh looked over the fresh group of females. “Let’s get started. Cue the first l’il lady.”


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Also check out my hot new biker book, LOVE TIES.

Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear from you.


Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~


Find a quiet spot


Hello from South Carolina or where we should be when this goes live.

Just a reminder of the long cold winter we had this past year. It was brutally cold in many areas of the country so soak up some vitamin D from the sun. Regardless of where you are find a moment to enjoy your day.

Take the time and get outside to relax. Socialize with your family and friends. Make new friends and expand your world, before we hunker down in our homes again.

Or you can do as my hubby in the picture and find someplace quiet to read. Me personally, I’ve been working on my TBR selection in between writing. Regency and cowboys are at the top of my reading list.

Enhance the experience of all the great books coming out by finding a quiet place to enjoy and slip into their worlds of imagination.

Have an awesome and safe summer.

Sincerely, Cora Blu

The Race We All Must Run

Image courtesy of sritangphoto /

Image courtesy of sritangphoto /

From junior high through college I ran track. I ran fast… well I ran sprints. Initially I started out running the mile until I had two meets in a row where I got lapped. Then my coach bumped me down to the eight hundred and four hundred meter. Finally by college I was running the two hundred and four hundred open. You know what’s great about racing? You can see the end. It doesn’t move during the race. It’s always there.

Before I was published I basically was running the mile. Getting lapped by others as I wrote and rewrote searching for an agent or publisher. Much like that failed season of me attempting to run cross-country I felt like the race would never end. Once that first contract was signed I could see the finish line. It was the last push I needed to make to complete my journey.

Now, over two since my first book came out a lot has changed. Much like in track I’m now a sprinter. My writing has improved on every level. I’ve learned to write in-depth short stories. I’ve learned how to self-publish a book… the one thing I haven’t learned is how to set the finish line on my own books.

I’m still learning how to balance out my self published with my publisher’s books. Mixing that with new books that are scrambling around in my brain attempting to be written make the balance in writing and life a struggle.

First we have the family and all the distractions that go along with that. Then the crazy day job I still have to work since I haven’t hit the NYT Best Sellers list. My side gig I just started and finally writing. I have at least a dozen stories running around in my head and at times I feel like I’m back on that track. Running a mile. Going around and around, seeing the same people cheering in the same location, but never seeming to end my run. I look at the markers trying to gauge my distance and what seemed like a hundred meters suddenly turns into two. This is why the book I planned to release July 31st has now been bumped out to August. And why my family will feel abandoned by me in the coming months. I may not come in first but I will finish the race and do better than I ever had. Soon I’ll have the race figured out. I’ll know just when to kick so the finish line I set is not only met in time, but I break my own record. In writing the only race that matters is the one you race against yourself.

The Moment That Defined Me

I saw this video and it reminded me of something.

Something that happened over twenty years ago to a naive twenty-one year old woman.

Even though we are one in the same, I admire her belief that no one was better than someone who would willingly hurt her.

Model Representation of man who stuttered my breath.

Model Representation of man who stuttered my breath.

You see, twenty years ago, I dated a handsome blonde with pale blue eyes and a sexy French accent. When he called my name, it was like a choir of angels singing my praises. That him, being him, could even look at me was enough to have me melting at our every encounter. I couldn’t deny this man a thing.  He was that freaking beautiful. And did I mention that he was a French national?

I would probably still be bowing in his gorgeous aura if he hadn’t jumped stupid after a few months into our relationship.

I remember this as if it happened yesterday. He had to return to France until his reapplication for a Visa was approved. We were to spend his last night in his apartment located at the rear of his father’s New Orleans’s house.

The main house sat on Esplanade, one of those grand mansions in the Treme neighborhood. My Lord, how lucky could a Mississippi girl be to have a boyfriend residing in one of those historic homes? 

Believe me, I felt privileged to hold his hand as he guided me up the cobble stoned walkway to his apartment. The sense of elation didn’t leave me until the main course was served.

I don’t eat carrots. So the rabbit stew that he presented to me loaded with carrots was picked over.

“You don’t like it?” he asked.

“I don’t like carrots, baby.” I answered honestly.

“Then you don’t eat” He picked up my plate and flung it across the room.

Oh, shit! Your ass is crazy!

Praise God and all the saints in Heaven. I didn’t need the whole house to fall down on me, all I needed was that one brick whizzing by my head.

Seven years later, I was a troop leader for the girl scouts and he was deported for felony assault charges against his live-in girlfriend.

Readers, writers, and those who happen upon this post, look out for the women in your lives. Let them know that their place in the universe is greater than the lustful gaze of one human’s eyes.

I want to personally thank my father for showing me how true this is.

And if you are in need of help, try ADVA.

Cause shit like this ain’t never sexy!

Popsicle Anyone?

Here’s a great treat that the kiddie poohs can do. And yes adult supervision is required, to hopefully minimize the mess. :-)



What you’ll need:

Ice Trays

Pitcher of your favorite Kool-Aid

Plastic wrap


Pour the Kool-Aid into the trays, cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer. Allow the drink mix to set a bit before you push the toothpicks through the plastic into the Kool-Aid. Once toothpicks have been inserted, allow to freeze completely. Remove plastic and enjoy. Or you can forget about the plastic wrap and toothpicks, freeze and use and cubes in your favorite summer drink. :-)

A Special Feature ~ Scandelous Heroes Box Set ~ Can you take the heat?



SCANDALOUS HEROES COLLECTION GIVES READER THE KIND OF BAD BOYS WOMEN LOVE—This collection includes best sellers of USA Today and Amazon Top 100 Authors whose stories reflect the diversity of romance such as contemporary, mafia drama, urban lit, BDSM to paranormal and sci-fi. These authors have taken the time to pen new full length and original stories for the readers only found in this collection for a limited time. Collection stats: 1,857 pages/485,737 word count. Total retail value: $35.91


RALLENTI ~ Sienna Mynx (Amazon Bestseller)

“One word. You must learn it, before we begin,” he traced his finger now across the outline of her lip. “Say it with me. Rallenti.” – Renaldo Cracchiolo

The year is 1993. Life as an enforcer for one of the most notorious crime bosses in Italy isn’t easy. Renaldo Cracchiolo is a Sicilian who takes pride in the oaths of omerta to honor and obey the wishes of his Don. It’s the reason why he was chosen to cross the Atlantic to New York City. However, the woman he meets and the time they share changes his heart and destiny.

SEIGED BY RYM ~ Yvette Hines (USA Today Bestseller)

They picked the wrong warrior cat to abduct. Rym never liked being ordered about so when he discovers his freedom is weighed against his agreement to breed with Krysteena, he practically purrs at the chance to prove to the beauty who’s truly in charge and escape.

RAW EXPOSURE ~ Aliyah Burke (USA Today Bestseller)

A wealthy playboy and a down-to-earth freelance photographer, will they ever see eye to eye?

Reeve Leighton has just met the one woman who isn’t the least bit impressed by his money. Affrica O’Shea can’t ignore how he turns her head but she has no use for a man who lives like he does. Reeve is used to getting what he wants. He wants her and not even her Navy SEAL brother—or his—will keep them apart.

Vasily’s Revenge ~ Latrivia Nelson (National Bestseller)

Vasily’s Revenge Synopsis Vasily Kavlov is head of security for the most feared and revered Russian mafia organization in the free world, The Medlov Crime Family. A quiet henchmen with no family, no love life and unyielding loyalty to his bosses, the thirties something bad boy is all work and no play. However, his past quickly comes back to haunt him, when the woman he nearly gave his life for ten years ago is threatened once again by an old enemy. Going to Lilly Rasputin’s aid won’t just be a journey down memory lane, it’s also a jolt to the system when he learns that he’s the father to her child.

Will changing everything in his life, give him new lust for it? And can he trust a woman who was the cause of his near death before?

DOUBLE TROUBLE- Men of 3X CONStruction~ Erosa Knowles (Amazon Bestseller)

Blaine and Donald had no idea they have not one, but two sons from Belinda, the one woman who ever came between them. Seeing her again test family ties as they fight to rescue their son and reclaim the only woman they ever loved.

TATTOOED MOON ~ Tiana Laveen (Amazon Bestselling)

Julian Savant is a gifted tattoo artist, free spirit and business owner, who has set his keen eye upon conservative accountant, Milan Parker. When the two meet during a dark time in Milan’s life, they begin to draw from one another, painting their mutual attraction and desires cerebrally and in the flesh. Little does Milan know, Julian draws more than just her attention and skilled designs upon her body. As his needle works its way into both their hearts, they find fulfillment and healing in ways neither of them imagined.

EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING ~ Pepper Pace (Amazon Bestseller, Top 100 Fiction Author)

In1977 Vanessa is 12 years old and lives just out of reach of the projects that both scare and entice her. It’s the year that she meets Scotty Tremont; 14 and one of the few white boys to live in the ghetto. Initially afraid that Scotty intends to beat her up because her cousin called him white trash, Vanessa soon learns that although Scotty is a ‘Trick Baby’ and will probably be a dope boy just like his brother, he’s somehow managed to be compassionate. Scotty is learning something as well; that his path has not been laid out before him and that Everything isn’t necessarily Everything. This 2 part series begins in the 70s where it explores the music, the style, the ghetto and Pepper Pace’s own twist on life and love.

LAST CALL ~Bridget Midway (Amazon Bestseller)

Eminence Dutton has to make some crucial decisions about work, her struggling love life, and an invitation from a former friend. The only thing that would complicate her life more would be to see her old high school boyfriend.

Keys “Tank” Tanksley thought he had gotten Eminence Dutton out of his system. Now a BDSM Dom, this man does not plan on letting this woman go without being heard or without her experiencing the sting of his whip.

When Tank tries to rekindle the relationship with Eminence, she has to wonder what’s important: her dream or her heart

The Wrath of Michael ~ Serenity King

Michael Alesi is not looking for anything other than a good time. He works hard and plays even harder. But after being summoned to the home of his cousin, Michael is blindsided by the feisty, Kendra Washington. Kendra is beautiful and sassy, and she seems to want nothing to do with Michael. That is fine with Michael—he doesn’t do relationships and he has plenty of business and social opportunities to keep him busy. Then he witnesses Kendra’s life being put in danger by a nasty crime. He comes to her rescue and, as he gets to know her, he decides that maybe a committed relationship isn’t so bad after all.

Just as they are feeling their way toward a relationship, a whirlwind of deadly events sends life spiraling out of control for both Michael and Kendra. Will they be able to find shelter in each other’s arms, or will the demons of both the past and the present keep them apart forever?

Here is a tantalizing sample from one of the stories in the collection, RALLENTI by Amazon Best Selling Author Sienna Mynx

“Would you like something to drink?” she asked the men. The coats were gaining weight by the minute in her arms. She heaved the weight higher in her arms and managed to hold the dead skins of animals. For the life of her she never understood the attraction to mink coats.

Neither of the men answered.

“Do you speak English?” she asked. She knew a little Italian but not much. “Parla inglese?” she asked.

One of them looked away as if disinterested. But the other, he continued to stare directly at her. There was something almost flirtatious in his perusal of her. She could sense it.

Kyra tried again. “Coffee? Water? Tea? Anything?”

“They speak no English.” A thickly accented voice said frombehind her. It sent a shiver of awareness up her spine. Kyra’s head slowly turned on her shoulder to the left and her eyes connected with the man she had hoped to see. How did he end up standing behind her? She wondered. Is he talking to me? Yes. Yes! He spoke to me. Mmm, he’s yummy. It was the first time she had heard him say a word. The sound of his voice filled her with nervous tummy flutters and warm arousal.

Bette said his name was Renaldo. Tall, he had an impressive pair of shoulders filling out his pricy suit and trench coat. He looked to be Italian or Sicilian, maybe Spanish. Kyra was a respectable five-foot five and with heels she stood closer to five foot eight or nine. She had to tilt her head back a fraction when he stepped closer. This man had a dark olive tan to his skin that spoke clearly of his Mediterranean ancestry. Beautiful brown ambers in his eyes that smoldered as they stared down at her from under sharp black brows, chiseled cheeks, and a face that was dazzlingly masculine. He had short dark hair that lay in fine curls against his temples and around his ear.

He was close to her.

So close she felt a bit intoxicated by the rich spice of his cologne.

“Ah, do you speak English?” she managed to ask.

He arched a brow in response.

He was dressed in a dark suit like the other two. He wore a black wool trench and leather gloves. His manner reminded her of the kind of guys you’d see tailing the President in the Secret Service.

He returned his melting hot gaze to the men. And for a brief moment she was able to capture air into her lungs. Those eyes hardened and his lickable sculpted lips flattened into a thin line. He said something in Italian to them both. It was definitely a command not a question. The men nodded their heads and like robots they both turned and left. Again his attention swung back to her. “Your name, bella? Tell me.”

“Key-rah,” she pronounced it for him with a smile. Kyra knew she was attractive. She had a figure that developed early. And a sense of fashion that always complimented her dark brown skin. She used to wear her hair in braided styles, but she had decided to wear a more natural curled afro look that showcased her wide long lashed brown eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips.

His gaze travelled down her face to her breasts. It was a bold and suggestive move. Most women would find it rude. But he didn’t look like the type of man who would apologize for the offense. His pretty brown orbs flashed back up.

Mi chiamo Renaldo.” He gestured by putting his hand to his chest.

“Nice to meet you, Renaldo,” she replied.

“Coffee,” he said.

“Huh?” she frowned, totally caught up by his sexy smile.

“I’d like to have coffee,” he said. The manner in which he spoke indicated he struggled with his English. She savored how he took the time to pronounce each word for her.

Kyra swallowed past the bolder in her throat. “Oh, coffee! Yes. Um, okay.” She turned and sashayed off down the hall. When she glanced back Renaldo had taken a seat in the receptionist area. He raked his hand back through the short dark waves of his hair, glanced up again, and he stared directly after her.

At the age of twenty-three she’d had her share of boyfriends. Her sisters thought it wascrazy of her to never stay with one guy for long, but she bored easily. She loved men, she loved dating, and she loved sex. In her culture women weren’t brazen with such hot desires, her mother, sisters and aunts all married young. But Kyra was different. She savored the new and exciting side of romance the most, not the mundane and routine.

With a well-intended sway to her hips she continued on. She hung the mink coats up in the closet and made sure they were aligned neatly. Kyra closed the door and peeked around the corner to see if he was still there. Silly? Yes, but she couldn’t help herself. And when her eyes met with his again she jumped back out of sight and smiled. Okay. The flirting was childish. The man just asked for a cup of coffee. How could she possibly find this one attractive? He had to be older, maybe early thirties, and she didn’t dare seduce any men over twenty-nine. Plus he had that alpha thing times one hundred going on, so she doubted he was the kind of man that liked games. Kyra pulled down the edges of her skirt and picked at her hair to make sure it had the right amount of fluff to it. She walked with poise to the break room.

“Damn it! I forgot to ask him what he wanted in his coffee,” she said. She turned to go back, and then stopped herself. She’d look stupid. She’d fix him black coffee and bring him a few sugars and cream.


Nurture Your Body, Nurture Your Muse

AuthorAvatarAs a working author, sitting is an unfortunate by-product of the profession.  When I first began my writing career, I confess that I spent too much time at my desk, desperately typing, revising and editing, so much so that I ended up in the emergency room with a pinched nerve in my back. I’ve had three children and I have never experienced something so painful in my life. Even now, as I write about it, I cringe at the memory!

Needless to say, after recovering from that ordeal, I made definite changes to my writing routine.  By doing so, it has not only improved me physically, but also kicked up my mental processes, making writing that much easier. My muse is so much happier and she shows it by letting the ideas flow!

There are five things that I worked into my writing routine that helped me improve the way I work.

Please take these tips and mold them to your needs.  Good health is important and sometimes as authors, we begin behind the eight-ball because we sit for such a large portion of our day.

Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Drink plenty of water.  It’s easy to slurp down coffee and soda and juice while sitting at the computer.  The sugar and caffeine give us a quick rush of energy and keep us focused on the task at hand.  However, overloading on such drinks can cause a late day crash, jitters and dehydration.  I have acquired a cute little water bottle and fill it with ice water with a touch of lemon juice.  Mind you, I do not skip my morning coffee, and will go for a refill if the urge strikes me.  However, if I am going to have the coffee, I’ll make a conscious effort to finish the water bottle by noon, then go back for a refill. Sipping water also keeps me from snacking too much.  The addition of the lemon gives the boring water a spiffy taste and has the benefit of Vitamin C.
  2. Take a Break – Try not to become so focused on your writing that you don’t get up from the computer because you don’t want to “break the spell”.  Create a break schedule.  Set a timer for fifty, thirty or twenty minutes, then do nothing but an assigned task for that period of time.  Then, when the timer goes off, get up.  Walk around, check the mail,  do yoga stretches – anything but sit.  This gives your body a break from sitting in a fixed position and gets the blood flowing to your brain.  Don’t skip the break, as tempting as it may be to do so.
  3. Exercise – Yes, you’ve heard it many times before.  Your brain feeds on the oxygen-rich blood circulated by the heart. Before I sit down at the keyboard with my fragrant cup of coffee, I complete a brisk 15-20 minute walk that gets my blood pumping and my brain receptive for the muse.  During these walks, I am often able to work out any issues that I might be having in my story.  Getting away from the keyboard and out into the fresh air helps immensely.

    I also enjoy yoga.  It’s calm, low-impact and I don’t have to get too dressed up for it!  When the weather is poor or I simply don’t feel like going outside, fifteen minutes of yoga poses can serve the same purpose.

  4. Get Enough Sleep – Most of us wouldn’t stay up half the night and try to function at the job on four or five hours of sleep, would we?  If you write full time like me, your writing is your job. Treat it like one.  Get enough rest the night before.  A full night’s sleep increases your mental sharpness, emotional balance and creativity.  Sitting in front of your computer screen bleary-eyed and fuzzy-headed can only lead to frustration and writer’s block.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, for sure!!
  5. Pay attention to Posture – Nothing will fatigue you more than terrible posture.  We’ve all done it: shoulders hunched, wrists smashed against the laptop and feet in odd positions.  There’s no problem in doing it, the problem is staying that way.  Check your posture: are your shoulders back, feet flat on the floor and your wrists relaxed?  Hunching over can put a great strain on the neck, as well as the shoulders and forearms.  My weakness is that I lean to the right side, putting too much pressure on my right arm.  About fifteen minutes of that and I have to shake it back awake!  Stay cognizant of how you sit.


So there you have it, my magical formula for staying alert and healthy while pounding out the word count.  While I don’t always do every single thing on this list, I strive to ensure that I’m in the best mind frame possible when I sit down at the computer.  It’s not easy sticking to this routine, and I have been guilty of hunching over the computer for an hour straight. However, as long as that remains an anomaly and not a regular practice, I’m looking forward to many happy, healthy years as an author with a happy, healthy, giving muse and no more ER visits!


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